About us

 Welcome to Authority Wellbeing!


Passionate about getting a healthier lifestyle. One that’s doable. Repeatable till it becomes your habit. Motivate and support. Aim: to enjoy the journey to better health and well-being doing things you love.

Eating foods you love. What’s the point in eating foods we hate? Starting exercise routines you only do once? Here the emphasis is turning healthier daily steps into habits you can stick with. I hope this helps you navigate to better well-being, feel and look better.  I also like your clicks.


Meet the Team

Just me for now! I’m happy, fun, optimistic and loves to enjoy today while expecting tomorrow to be a better day. Get to know me!



Cecilia – a health blogger and well-being coach. I trained as a dental therapist and pharmacist after taking some time off as a homemaker and stay at home mother. I believe health and well-being is the most valuable asset to have. Like all assets it needs nurturing to serve us best.

MY AIM    – Simply support you so you feel better, look better and hopefully enjoy life more!Having experience, both as a mother and from professional working life, I understand the challenges involved in getting better health, work-life balance that we would love, enough energy to get through the day!


What I am passionate about

  • MENTAL HEALTH – I believe in using a holistic approach to life. Put simply, if a person has mental health needs, they cannot be healthy or whole, until this need is met. Though not physical, they are real.
  • ORAL HEALTH – Your mouth/smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Secondly, bad oral health lead can lead to you developing other diseases. And, lovely smiles are just so engaging. Don’t you think so?
  • Wellness  Services to help you adopt a new healthy lifestyle that will make you feel better, look better and have sustained energy


What You Get From Me

  Accessible Support and Motivation

 I provide you the support and motivation you need to help you adopt new lifestyle choices, or modify your existing lifestyle, in order to gain and maintain the best health and wellness you can.
I am available when you need me and I believe in providing motivation, support and advice that is designed to meet your specific needs.

In-between coaching sessions you can maintain contact with me through emails, text message or Facebook Messenger.


A Unique  Approach For Maximum Health & Well-being Success

Since everyone is unique and have unique needs, lifestyle and health needs, you get the Unique Approach. This is geared towards helping you make informed, positive lifestyle choices that will help you get the best health and well-being you possibly can.


 Identify Clients’ Health and  Well-being goals

Using information from a health questionnaire, lifestyles and personality profiles to identify real and potential barriers to attaining your desired health goals.

Identify Your Values and Health Beliefs




Your choices are not random. Understand why you do them, get a better chance to improve your well-being! What moves you to make your lifestyle choices?
The good ones and the bad?
I feel knowing the reasons are important. Ultimately, my passion is to help you change or modify these lifestyle choices you’ve acquired over your lifetime! Don’t believe in yo-yo diets or fads!
Therefore, I love to explore these areas to help you get lasting changes you want for better lifestyle choices and better well-being.

Individualized Action Plans



You are a unique person with unique goals and needs. I work with you to meet YOUR NEED and YOUR WELL-BEING GOALS.

 Weight Management Support

Fresh appetizing apple and brightly colored dumbbells tied with a measuring tape. Slight reflection, white background, focus on the apple


Everyone can have a healthy weight to feel good about. A healthy weight that will prevent and reduce the development of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, ulcers, all those nasty things.
Like every good thing in life, it doesn’t always come automatically. Sadly!

 Diet & Nutrition

Well, when it comes to food I think it’s good to eat what you love. I also think that food can be our most potent medicine. And the slowest form of poison.
So, how’s your food affecting your body, mind, energy, work and productivity? 🙂

Support With Self-Care

As much as we hate ill-health they happen, sometimes. But then, knowing we are doing our best is invaluable. So living with conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol and asthma is not necessarily a death sentence with the right information and support.
Again, nurturing a healthy lifestyle will help you to feel more in control; feel better, fitter and happier.

Support With Exercise & Fitness Level 

There’s just no escaping it – we have to exercise regularly. Your fitness habit and routine are important. Personally, I wish I could use food alone to get healthier. But I think, that’s not happening, not without including some form of exercise.
 Stress Management
 Stress affects the body, mind and spirit hence coaching sessions will involve helping to identify stressors.
Stress gets in the way of enjoying life fully, leads to health problems. So I think it’s really  important to learn to reduce, avoid and manage stressors using relaxation techniques and lifestyle modification.
Wellness  Services to help you adopt a new healthy lifestyle that will make you feel better, look better and be more energized include helping with:
Grocery Shopping
-Food Lists
-Label Reading
-Health Supplements & Neutraceuticals
Weight loss and weight management services include the following:
 -Specific Programs and Education Geared Towards Achieving Maximum Results Safely and Efficiently
-Why Diets Do Not Work
-Motivation/Goal Setting
-Weight Management Specific Nutrition
  • Nutrition counseling and meal planning services include the following:
    • Digestion/Food Sensitivity
    • Food Quality
    • Nutrient Timing
 Looking forward to hearing from you. Let’s  work together to make you healthier & happier with your daily lifestyle decisions!
To Your Optimum Health & Well-being,
Cecilia Scheyerle, MPharm