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Authority Wellbeing  Links  to useful health information websites:

National Health Service (NHS), England

 Check here for loads of good health information. It is the UK’s biggest health website.
Here you can find info on NHS policies & processes that underpin NHS (England) choices, care & support on health conditions, health news, as well as services near you (UK citizens).
You also have access to symptom checker – where you put in your symptoms to find out what health condition/disorder you may be worried about.
Examples of topics covered by NHS:

Authority Nutrition is about nutrition, weight loss and health. According to the website, “we are based on scientific evidence, and written by experts.

We are unbiased and 100% independent website. We are not sponsored by any industry or company”.

I like this website because their nutrition articles are well researched, well written and present both sides of the articles.

Right Relevant is a daily digest of trending articles.

I like this website because you can access to a broad array of trending articles on health, technology & innovation, nutrition, weather and politics.

Medivizor gives you personalized, summarized and bottom-lined health information straight to your inbox, for free.
When you subscribe, you can choose the health condition you wish to get information on, and then you receive studies and health info regarding these topics.

Keikotee is a German company that produces organic green teas, matcha, matcha accessories and chocolates.
I love this company and they supply my green teas, matcha and matcha accessories.

I love the recipes here. Also, the articles are well researched and written
I hope you find these resources as useful as I find them.
My belief?  With the right information, motivation and support, everyone can be their best and enjoy better well-being.
To your optimum health and well-being!