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Paracetamol Is Useless For  Your Backache!

Paracetamol Is Useless For Your Backache!

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Paracetamol  is useless for your  backache  says study published in the Lancet . Read on for ways you can help yourself better. Back pain is the world`s leading cause of disability and one of the most cited reasons people give for taking time off work. In England around 26 million people are estimated to suffer from this condition yearly.Prior to now, Guidelines all over the world had recommended Paracetamol as the first choice of medicine for moderate back pain of less than six weeks.Ibuprofen has been the second choice drug for this condition.   Study Says Paracetamol Is Not Effective For  Your Back Pain! According to a study conducted by scientists of the George Institute for Global Health, Sydney, Australia, taking paracetamol does not speed