Why Diabetes Does Not Mean A Death Sentence

Having diabetes does not mean a death sentence for you.You fight it, adopt healthy lifestyle choices to gain and maintain a happy and fulfilled life, even with diabetes. Regular exercise, check up, relaxationgood food and support from a well-being coach can  have a good life despite diabetes.

True, diabetes is a serious long -term condition. But it does not necessarily mean that you can`t live a good, fulfilled and productive life. You can still live a good life with diabetes. Continue reading “Why Diabetes Does Not Mean A Death Sentence”

Feel Like Giving Up On Life? Not An Option! You Are Tough!

Feel like giving up on life? Not an option! How will you say – “I did all I could”?! When the going gets tough, the tough must get going! Yes, stormy times happen. When nothing in life seems to be going right. That is, life is not going your way! Keep going!


At the end of the day, when all is said and done, whatever happens, you can say – “I did my best“. I gave that challenge all I had in me to give”! So, giving up is not an option.  Continue reading “Feel Like Giving Up On Life? Not An Option! You Are Tough!”

5 Things To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up Or Going Bonkers!

Someone asked me,”Do your challenges ever make you feel hopeless? You seem always happy”. Actually, I feel like going bonkers sometimes. Here are 5 things I do when I feel like giving up:

My answer to this is rooted in these five Life Rules which you may consider trying:

Never Lose Your Hope!




1. Sometimes life throws so many challenges our way , we can feel overwhelmed, like being buried under a load of life pressures.

Well, as long as there is life, there is hope.


Make a conscious choice. You can decide to be in charge without allowing the problems to rule over your life.

You will overcome this time and become a wiser, better and stronger person.




Aim to get insights you are meant to acquire from this challenge. What can you learn from this experience?

How can you use this life lesson to become a better person and reach higher heights?

Have I ever made a difference to someone’s life?

2. Think about how you have made a positive impact in somebody’s life.

Think- somehow, sometime, you have done something that has made another person smile. You made them  feel happier or helped them to become a better person. Remember?

You made this happen because you had it in you. You are a worthy person. You had something good to contribute. That’s why you were able to make a difference in another person`s life. No one can give what they don’t have.

No one can give what they don’t have. If you have ever done something good, you can do it again!

Pray, Meditate. Whatever works for you!


man-praying-1432855 (1)



3. Make time to meditate. Find your quiet space and just do nothing. Your life has a purpose

and you are in this world for a reason. Everyone in this world is here to play their part in

making the world a better place for themselves, loved ones and the world in their own

individual ways.

Count Your Blessings! 




4. Count all the good things in your life and write them down. Include all aspects of your

health and wellness. If you think you have nothing to be thankful for, consider visiting the nearest hospital to you!!

Remember all the people who love you and those you love too. They love you just as you are.

Do something For Somebody!


hands-1437736-lend a hand


5. Consider doing something for someone else. Make someone smile. Give a gift or do a good deed.


No matter who we are there will be times we go through deep challenges. Sometimes these challenges will threaten our sanity and make us feel like giving up.


I’m sure that there are different ways people overcome life challenges.

But these are the  5 ways I’ve learned to manage challenges without giving up on life:

-Do something for someone

-Count my blessings and cherish what I have

-Pray and meditate

-Think on my achievement so far. Even when we haven’t reached our goals yet. Somewhere, sometime, we have achieved something!

-Keep hoping for a better day!


How do you manage challenges without giving up hope? I would love to hear about your methods and suggestions. Get in touch!


Have a great week 🙂


To your optimum health & well-being,

Cecilia Scheyerle, MPharm

Why You Should Worry And Treat Bleeding Gum. The Start Of Toothache!

Do you have bleeding gum? It’s the start of toothache. Not just one of those annoying  things. Worry about it. Better yet, learn to treat your gum disease now!

You are not alone,  thinking bleeding gum is harmless, though.

Most people  think this is normal. But seriously, it’s not! Even if it’s widespread.  Let’s just get that out of the way.

It’s the start of toothache and possibly, more health problems.

Bleeding gum is a major warning sign from your body that your immune system is under heavy attack!




If you ever experience any of these signs:

• Red, swollen gum

• Bleeding gum when brushing or flossing under normal conditions

• Some blood on your toothbrush or floss after brushing or flossing

I will be blunt – you have a developing case of  active gum disease, also called gingivitis at this stage.

This means you are starting to develop active gum disease (gingivitis at this stage).

Bleeding gum is not harmless ! This is your major warning sign that the bad bugs that cause gum disease have gained direct access to your blood system.

Not just that. Those little bugs (look below) can enter into  your whole body system!




Listen to your bleeding gum –  it’s telling you something worth taking fast action to stop!

But bleeding gum is common. A whopping 90% of adults (over 30) experience it. So most people think it’s normal.

9 out of 10 of adults over the age of 30 has gum disease.


They fail to deal with at the initial first sign of gum redness and bleeding before more damage is done.

What’s  the mission of these bad bugs (bacteria)? 

Their mission is to  invade, colonize and devour the gum and bone tissue in your mouth! No less!

AND, wait for it…… they  also contribute to the development of other diseases including diabetes, heart disease and cancer!

It’s more than bad breath and rotting teeth. This can affect your whole health and well-being!




Check these other oral health conditions out.  Consider getting help if you suffer from any of them.


Have a great week. Don’t forget to get in touch with your questions and suggestions.


To your health & and optimum well-being!

How Wealthy Are You? You Are Really Stinking Rich!

How wealthy are you really? What is true wealth and how do we create it?  You are really stinking rich!!  Let’s look at your life and health!


Consider this – as a healthy person, you can embark on attaining goals you set for yourself. Your goals may be  small but they are life-enriching for you and your loved ones.




Possibilities abound when in good health! you can set out to do small but life-enriching things.  Or you can achieve great things – scale mountains…enrich lives…earn lots of money…support yourself and your family.

You can set out to do small but life-enriching things.  Or you can achieve great things – scale mountains…enrich lives…earn lots of money…support yourself and your family.

When in good health, you can do whatever you set your heart to do. The world is your oyster and you can reach for the stars. If you believe, that is.



However, when and if you are not healthy, whatever greatness you have will not be seen, felt or heard of as it will not come to light at all or manifest at optimum capacity.

Your brilliant mind, your boundless energy, creative ingenuity and capacity to enrich yourself as well as other lives will be thwarted.

Sometimes all it takes is a visit to a local hospital to remind you of all the things you take for granted! Try it one day!


health, wealth

We tend to treat money as the wealth we have to pursue at all cost.

Here is a plan that some of us have – when we are rich, that is, after we have amassed enough money that we think will make us wealthy, then we will have time to concentrate on our health and well-being!

The art of happiness  is more than amassing money!


determination, dogged


We forget that none of us knows what tomorrows has in store for us! Moreover, whatever you are doing to your health now will always count! Your health keeps count of everything you are subjecting it to – good or bad!

Your health & well-being success is the sum of your daily efforts. Repeated. Day in and day out!

Fresh appetizing apple and brightly colored dumbbells tied with a measuring tape. Slight reflection, white background, focus on the apple

If you treat your health well, it will serve you well. So, remember that your health is your wealth, your true wealth as Mahatma Gandhi famously quoted.

Your health is an asset to be nurtured – on a long-term basis. lovingly managed like any other asset to ensure a good, safe and happy life.

Happiness is a choice!

Lovingly managed like any other asset to ensure you can enjoy a good, healthy and happy life.

Do you agree that true wealth is more than what you own?


More on health & well-being studies:


Read about health & wellbeing and how it affects social inequalties

Studies on health, wellbeing & happiness


I wish you a happy weekend. To your optimum health & well-being!

To Your Optimum Health & Well-being!

7 Lies We Tell Ourselves To Make Depression More Powerful

Depression is invisible. But real and can have devastating consequences. Check these popular myths about it. Read why it’s not by personal choice, design or weakness.

Some  of us may have  had these thoughts, or even spoken them aloud, at some point in time: depression is a myth!

Do you think like this – Other people get depression, not people like us?

Or this – depression is just a condition lazy people invent to excuse their laziness.


Here are some other popular myths about depression – real men don’t get depression; I am a busy woman and I have no time to be depressed; depression is a condition

– Real men don’t get depression

– I’m a busy woman and I have no time to be depressed

– Depression is a condition hypochondriacs develop when they run out of medical conditions to complain about

– I’m too strong to be depressed

– I wouldn’t be depressed if everyone else would just leave me alone

However, depression doesn’t happen by choice or design! Nobody chooses to get depression.

But how they choose to deal with it may be a matter of choice.


no choice

Depression  has no respect  for a person’s  status. Anyone can develop it – rich, poor, old, young, executive, teenager, man or woman.

It can happen to anyone, at any time, slowly or over time. It can hit you hard when you least expect it.


Real, strong men can not get depression. Yes, they can, and they do!


In fact, if you think like this, you are more liable to suffer more from depression – you remain in denial longer. You cause more emotional harm to  yourself and your loved ones, and you would be more liable to lose your job!



Now to the people who often think they have to be strong towers – women. They may think they  have no time to be ill.

They are too busy – they have to run the family, take care of all the people they love, run businesses and ensure their careers are upwardly mobile, always!!




Who else is going to do all these things we alone as women can do??

Yes, women have to make time to take care of ourselves, too.

Otherwise, there may no one and nothing left for us to care for!

The fact that we  cannot see the physical signs and symptoms of depression does not make it less real.

Depression does not develop because you are weak. It’s not a matter  of lack of strength on your part.

If you fall down and break a leg, do you regard this as a lack of strength on your part? Or does someone get cancer because they are weak?

You don’t get depression because you are too weak to overcome the obstacles of life and flourish!


You do not get depression because you are a weak person. It’s not a matter of emotional strength or weakness!!

Another myth is believing that the depression we are experiencing would cease to be if everyone would just leave us in total peace.




Absolute peace and quiet. From our children, our partners, colleagues, neighbours and bosses.Since that is never going to happen, we will have to confront depression from another angle- treat it as a condition it is and not just the fault of everyone in our lives.

This is never going to happen. No one is an Island!we will have to confront depression from another angle- treat it as a condition it is and not just the fault of everyone in our lives.

We have to confront depression from another angle- treat it as the condition it is. Not just the fault of everyone else in our lives!

Take it that you need some intervention.  You need some help, just like everyone else, at some point in life. Period!

You know, it’s possible to have outer quiet and still suffer from  inner turmoil. Especially when you realise you need help. But remain in denial.


hands-1437736-lend a hand

Let’s give a helping hand and treat depression as the medical condition it is. Not something weak people develop; not a condition that happens by choice or weakness; not something hypochondriacs get when they run out of conditions to suffer from; not for a certain age or class of persons. It can happen to anyone!