A Proactive Healthy Lifestyle. Why Now?

Reading the Annual Report released by the Chief Medical Officer for England, it’s not surprising to see the result that women’s obesity affects future generations. Who’s in charge of healthy lifestyle in your home? And ever asked yourself “Why practice proactive healthy lifestyle now when I’m not ill yet”?


Our health and life expectancy is expected to deteriorate. It makes perfect sense when our meal sizes have gotten larger, even as we exercise less and less!

But what daily simple steps will make us healthier again? How do you regain control of your health and well-being without making drastic changes to your lifestyle? Simple healthier lifestyle changes you can do daily? Continue reading “A Proactive Healthy Lifestyle. Why Now?”

How To Face Challenges & Stress To Find Healing Inner Peace

When faced with challenging times in your life where and how do you find healing and inner peace? They say when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. What if you could get through stress and  challenges faster and better? Here’s how you could face stress and challenges to find healing inner peace.


As everyone of us has at one time or the other discovered, these challenging phases in life sometimes come double or triple! These are the times we feel things are so bad that they possibly cannot get worse.

And they do! For a while at least!

For me, sometimes, just before I go crazy the way gets easier!


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Feel Like Giving Up On Life? Not An Option! You Are Tough!

Feel like giving up on life? Not an option! How will you say – “I did all I could”?! When the going gets tough, the tough must get going! Yes, stormy times happen. When nothing in life seems to be going right. That is, life is not going your way! Keep going!


At the end of the day, when all is said and done, whatever happens, you can say – “I did my best“. I gave that challenge all I had in me to give”! So, giving up is not an option.  Continue reading “Feel Like Giving Up On Life? Not An Option! You Are Tough!”

Why Moaners, Pessimists and Procrastinators are Bad For You!

This is why moaners, procrastinators and perpetual pessimists are bad for you. Over time, they harm  your health and well-being with too much stress.Would it be better to avoid them, altogether?


The more time you spend with them, the more your stress levels become higher! These people can be classed as super stressors!

 The Perpetual Moaners




“Smile at the world and they smile back”, they say.


Well, guess what – the opposite happens when you’re around somebody who complains and moans all of the time.


I don’t mean people who are going through rough times and genuinely need to talk about their issues. I mean the people who complain about everyone and everything. They have no good thing to say about anyone or anything.


I’m talking about the people who complain about everyone and everything. They have no good thing to say about anyone or anything.


I mean the people who complain about everyone and everything.

They have no good thing to say about anyone or anything.


If they feel bad you need to hear it! They want to spread their unhappiness so that they’re not alone in their misery.


I know we all need someone to listen to us when we feel like unburdening ourselves sometimes. But not all of us are trained psychologists and psychiatrists to be able to deal with the endless “unburdening”.


But not all of us are trained psychologists and psychiatrists to be able to deal with the endless “unburdening”!


I had the misfortune to live with someone like this sometime ago.

After a while, I felt I needed anti-depressants while this person was okay just so long as I continued to be the sounding-board.

“The Perpetual Pessimist”



Do you think the world is a bad place? The perpetual pessimist thinks nobody and nothing can be good. I think the world is a beautiful place. It’s just some people who make it seem like a bad place.


It’s just some people who make it seem like a bad place.No matter the perspective from which we look at the world and nature, it`s a pretty amazing place.


No matter the perspective from which we look at the world and nature, it`s a pretty amazing place.

Take the human body for example. Think about how we are formed, the awesome way our organs all work together.

Ponder on the beauty and intricateness of the human body and mind.


Another reason the world is good – the beautiful and free gifts of nature.

If the rising and setting of the sun cost money to see, I wonder how many of us could afford this?


Can you imagine paying for oxygen? How long could you afford to sustain living? I generally try to avoid these people, as much as is humanly possible.

” The Procrastinating People”

no choice


They are the ones who complain endlessly about how bad their situations are. Yet they make no effort to change things.

Even when you are feeling happy, all you need to do is to spend a short time with them. You are guaranteed to become as morose and unhappy as they are.

The people we associate with do tend to affect our peace of mind  and happiness.


city_of_love_554009-two women friends


I know you there are times and situations you can’t choose the people you spend time with. Take as an example work colleagues. But, to an extent, you do get to determine the type of persons that you spend time with!


Sure, it’s good to make the effort to get along with everyone. But sometimes it’s just futile – some people just bring out the worst in you.


Eventually, your health and well-being may begin to suffer  due to the high stress they are causing you. Mine certainly did when I lived with “a constant moaner” – I developed depression!


Surround Yourself With People Who Motivate You!


Minolta DSC


Therefore, to maintain  peace of mind and sanity, how about choosing to spend the least time possible with these types of people?


Instead, try to spend more time with the people who make you happy. Surround yourself with people who give you motivation. Have more contact with people who bring out the best in you.

Have more contact with people who bring out the best in you.


How do you cope with people, work colleagues or relatives, who you feel are causing you stress?

You’ve met them – The constant moaners, those who believe the world is hopelessly bad and the  procrastinators who won’t take any step to change the things making them sick and unhappy.


I’m interested in your opinion of this article. Do you think I’m right or not?  Do get in touch!  🙂

Have a great week!


Cecilia Scheyerle, MPharm

5 Things To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up Or Going Bonkers!

Someone asked me,”Do your challenges ever make you feel hopeless? You seem always happy”. Actually, I feel like going bonkers sometimes. Here are 5 things I do when I feel like giving up:

My answer to this is rooted in these five Life Rules which you may consider trying:

Never Lose Your Hope!




1. Sometimes life throws so many challenges our way , we can feel overwhelmed, like being buried under a load of life pressures.

Well, as long as there is life, there is hope.


Make a conscious choice. You can decide to be in charge without allowing the problems to rule over your life.

You will overcome this time and become a wiser, better and stronger person.




Aim to get insights you are meant to acquire from this challenge. What can you learn from this experience?

How can you use this life lesson to become a better person and reach higher heights?

Have I ever made a difference to someone’s life?

2. Think about how you have made a positive impact in somebody’s life.

Think- somehow, sometime, you have done something that has made another person smile. You made them  feel happier or helped them to become a better person. Remember?

You made this happen because you had it in you. You are a worthy person. You had something good to contribute. That’s why you were able to make a difference in another person`s life. No one can give what they don’t have.

No one can give what they don’t have. If you have ever done something good, you can do it again!

Pray, Meditate. Whatever works for you!


man-praying-1432855 (1)



3. Make time to meditate. Find your quiet space and just do nothing. Your life has a purpose

and you are in this world for a reason. Everyone in this world is here to play their part in

making the world a better place for themselves, loved ones and the world in their own

individual ways.

Count Your Blessings! 




4. Count all the good things in your life and write them down. Include all aspects of your

health and wellness. If you think you have nothing to be thankful for, consider visiting the nearest hospital to you!!

Remember all the people who love you and those you love too. They love you just as you are.

Do something For Somebody!


hands-1437736-lend a hand


5. Consider doing something for someone else. Make someone smile. Give a gift or do a good deed.


No matter who we are there will be times we go through deep challenges. Sometimes these challenges will threaten our sanity and make us feel like giving up.


I’m sure that there are different ways people overcome life challenges.

But these are the  5 ways I’ve learned to manage challenges without giving up on life:

-Do something for someone

-Count my blessings and cherish what I have

-Pray and meditate

-Think on my achievement so far. Even when we haven’t reached our goals yet. Somewhere, sometime, we have achieved something!

-Keep hoping for a better day!


How do you manage challenges without giving up hope? I would love to hear about your methods and suggestions. Get in touch!


Have a great week 🙂


To your optimum health & well-being,

Cecilia Scheyerle, MPharm

1 Way To Know How Wealthy You Are!

You can only achieve your best when you are in best health. So, how wealthy do you consider yourself to be when you are healthy? Poor or rich?

money-matters-1173120 coins in hand
Consider this, only when you have good health and well-being can you achieve all those great things you want – scale mountains, get to the top of your profession. Have boundless energy. Do whatever you set your heart to do.

Continue reading “1 Way To Know How Wealthy You Are!”

Feel Like Giving Up? Not An Option! Keep Going!

 Feel like giving up? Not an option! How else can you say “I did all I could”?! When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! Yes, trying times come, when nothing in  life seems to be going right. Keep going!

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, whatever happens, you can honestly say – “I did all I could do”. I gave that challenge all I had in me to give”! So, giving up is not an option.

You think nothing is going as you planned. Though you spent years planning your life – just the way you wanted it.


Things are not the way you have planned for. You planned so well, didn’t you? You worked damned hard too. Just to make sure you have what you want from life. You invested your time. You invested good money you could have used to enjoy yourself.

When your mates were out enjoying themselves, you slogged it out, working hard. You made sacrifices. You had a plan.

But now, when you think you should be reaping the fruits of your labors- taking things easy – you still have to work hard!


Are you to give up now? What’s the point? Why not just give up the fight and succumb? Admit it –  life has defeated you!

You are tired of trying to make it in life. Tired of trying so hard to become the person you know you should be.

Maybe you are stuck, doing the job that you hate. Are you stuck in the marriage that is making you miserable and unhappy, more and more?

You may be tired of trying so hard to raise kids who are unappreciative of you. They don’t see all the sacrifices you are making so that they can have the life they have. They even act like they hate you sometimes! But they don’t!


Know what? Keep reaching for your dreams. Giving up is for losers and you are not a loser. You have inner strength. You are strong. You are can get to that place where you want to be. Keep your natural goodness.

Keep your hope up. Even when circumstances try to make you think you have no hope. You do.

You have a purpose on earth.You have been created for a reason. There is no vacuum in life. And no one is just here on earth for no reason. Your life has a purpose. Even if you think otherwise. Every step, every effort counts.

determination, dogged

Set your mind on your goal. Make up your mind – keep working towards your goal. Keep working hard at that job. Do all you can to make that marriage work.

Keep loving your children  loving your children – even when you think they don’t deserve it. Even when they act like they don’t care. They do!

Keep hard at that business idea. Give it all you can.

At the end of the day, life is a race. It’s a race that will work out differently for each and every one of us.

 But one thing is for sure – this race will end one day. Nobody knows when their race will end. When you get to the end will you think you gave this race all you had to offer?

How are you running this life race with you have been given? 


At the end of the day, it’s going to be the only thing that matters. Not how rich you became. Not how successful you were in your career, business or raising your children.

It will be – how well did you run your race? Did you get to your destiny? Did you become the person you were meant to be? Did you fulfill your destiny? Will  you feel you tried your best?

So, keep doing your best – give life your all. Whatever you have to do, do your best. Do what you feel is right. Do what you think is right.

It’s all you can do! At the end of the day, it’s your race! And no one else’s.