Spaghetti With Peppers, Chicken & Chicken Sausage

As a busy mother I don’t want to spend precious time cooking from scratch every day. So I’am learning to make simple, fast nutritious meals for my family, without making everything from scratch.

Today I’m making spaghetti with peppers, chicken & chicken sausage.  Make in bulk & freeze!


Why I love these fast nutritious meals

• Most of the preparation can be done beforehand

• Meals are versatile

• Economical

. Helps to prevent eating unhealthy fast foods



Spaghetti  or other pasta (pre-cooked)

Bag of frozen oriental vegetables ( containing red peppers, green Peppers, onions and  bamboo shoots)

Chicken breast grilled or baked (sliced to desired shape)

Chicken sausage (grilled cut to desired shape)

2 garlic cloves

2 -3 spoonful of tomato Bolognese Sauce

Olive oil

Chiu Chow Chilli Oil




  1. Cook and drain spaghetti (or other pasta of your choice) in the colander. Heat oil and fry onion over low heat to bring out flavor.


2. Add chicken strips and chicken sausages. Add 2 or three spoonfuls of tomato bolognese sauce to mixture and fry for about five minutes, or until chicken strips and sausage are defrosted and tender.


3. Add a coffee spoonful of Chiu Chow Chilli Oil. Use less if you are not used to hot foods. Use more if you like it hot.


4. Add frozen vegetable and cook for 5 minutes, or until defrosted and cooked (it should be still crispy not overcooked).


5. Add drained pasta to pan, mix thoroughly into mixture using a wooden spoon. Add grated garlic and serve.


I know the picture doesn’t look professional, but my family really love this nutritious dish!

Have you got easy family meals? Share your fast & nutritious meals with us!


Have a great week!

Sissi Scheyerle MPharm