How Vitamin D Can Save Your Life!

How Vitamin D Can Save Your Life –  is the message we’ve been hearing quite a lot recently. Especially  since the UK’s  Scientific Advisory Body on Nutrition (SACN), issued the New UK Vitamin D Recommendations.


Also, here’s another study on global status of vitamin D deficiency and the causes.  The results of the study suggest that on a global scale, our  health and well-being is being put at risk. This is due to the fact that a majority of people (see study above) have low levels of  Vitamin D.


This study concludes that vitamin D deficiency is “re-emerging as a major health problem”. The authors suggest taking vitamin D supplements would  prevent health problems.




But how  do you know when you don’t have  enough of this essential vitamin to gain and maintain well-being? 


If you do need  Vitamin D  supplements, how much of it do you have to take and for how long?


Read about the  vitamin D health recommendation urging us to boost our vitamin D levels and prevent health problems to know more.


Some of the health problems the UK’s Scientific Advisory Body on Nutrition (SACN),  suggests we can minimise, or even prevent include diabetes, low body immunity and high blood pressure.


Their findings suggest these diseases are  linked to  Vitamin D deficiency.


Personally, I’ve  decided  to get a simple blood test to know if I have  vitamin D deficiency 🙂

Reason? I have been having some of the signs and symptoms that could be caused by this deficiency! I will keep you updated.


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Have a great week.

Cecilia Scheyerle, MPharm