Are You Black? Then You Have Vitamin D Deficiency (Most Likely)!

 Are you black? You have vitamin D deficiency (most likely)! “Take Vitamin D  supplements”, according to Scientific Advisory Body on Nutrition (SACN). Want to prevent health problems like diabetes, low body immunity and hypertension, all linked to  Vitamin D deficiency?  Read how to correct vitamin D deficiency below!  

This vitamin D health recommendation urges us to boost our vitamin D levels and prevent health problems like diabetes, low body immunity and high blood pressure, linked to  Vitamin D deficiency. 


Who is at Risk of Vitamin D Deficiency?

If you belong to the group of people below, you have the highest risk of  Vitamin D deficiency: 

• Dark-skinned people – This group of persons are most at risk of being Vitamin D deficient at 82% – blacks including Africans, African Americans, Caribbeans and other dark-skinned people!

• This is followed by the Hispanic population at 69%

• Children at 61%

• Newborns at 58%

• Older adults at 41%

• Pregnant women at 36%

• Women at 19%.


UK’s Scientific Advisory Body on Nutrition (SACN)  suggests that  preventing vitamin D deficiency  with supplements is an easy way we can be healthy by stopping or reducing preventable health problems like bone and muscle pains, some cancers and high blood pressure.

Why  are you vitamin D deficient, especially as a black person?

As anyone who has lived in the United Kingdom knows, we really are “sunshine-challenged” here in the UK! 


The darker your skin is, the easier it is for you to be vitamin D deficient!


Simply,  bright sunlight is the main source of Vitamin D and a large number of us are not to getting enough, for several reasons!!


Moreover, for your skin to produce the same vitamin D level, people with dark skin need more exposure to bright sunshine, more than people with lighter skin.


The bleak British weather is depriving a lot of the population, especially the darker-skinned population, from getting the required healthy amount of  essential Vitamin D.


However, Vitamin D deficiency is not just about getting enough sunshine. Other reasons play a part, but a lack of enough sunshine seems to be the major cause of vitamin D deficiency.


Other health conditions UK  Government’s Independent Scientific Advisory Body on Nutrition (SACN) has  linked to vitamin D deficiency include osteoporosis, depression,  and muscle aches.




Due to the link found between these diseases and Vitamin D deficiency, the UK  Government’s Independent Scientific Advisory Body on Nutrition (SACN) gave this  recommendation to take Vitamin D  health supplements.


Read SACN Vitamin D and Health full Report here


Your Vitamin D recommended intake according to SACN:

  • a reference nutrient intake (RNI) of 10 micrograms of vitamin D per day, throughout the year, for everyone in the general population aged 4 years and older
  • an RNI of 10 micrograms of vitamin D per day for pregnant and lactating women and population groups at increased risk of vitamin D deficiency
  • a ‘safe intake’ of 8.5 to 10 micrograms per day for all infants from birth to 1 year of age
  • a ‘safe intake’ of 10 micrograms per day for children aged 1 to 4 years


They are making this recommendation to take vitamin D health supplements as a simple way to boost our levels and  ensure we all have a healthy level of this essential vitamin.


Hopefully, some entirely preventable health problems like fatigues, rickets and muscular aches  experienced by people found with low levels will become a thing of the past.


My Personal Experience  With Vitamin D Deficiency & Health Problems

A friend of mine had been complaining of bone and muscle pains to me for some time.

She is a pharmacist who has to be on her feet a lot. She thought the muscular pain was due to the stress and strain of being on her feet all day.

Then she treated a patient with the same but more severe symptoms who needed vitamin D injections.


We both talked about this. Here’s what she said to me – “I am a health professional. I eat well and  take long walks.

How can I have vitamin D deficiency?!”


Well, she got a blood test and her vitamin D level was way too low!!

She had to start boosting her vitamin D level immediately.


Why Do You Need Vitamin D Health Supplements?

It appears that natural food sources alone cannot provide all the Vitamin D we need!


As a result, the governments’ health experts are recommending that UK, USA, and a large part of the world’s  population  take Vitamin D supplements to prevent signs and symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency.


“Vitamin D, as a part of the endocrine system is an important component in the interaction between the kidney, bone, parathyroid hormone, and the intestine, which maintains extracellular calcium level within normal limits, in order to keep the vital physiologic process and skeletal integrity.


Vitamin D is also associated with hypertension, muscular function, immunity, and ability to encounter infection, autoimmune disease, and cancer”


– Vitamin D and Autoimmune Disease Eka Ginanjar,  Sumariyono, Siti Setiati and  Bambang Setiyohadi

Read this study on Vitamin D deficiency, diabetes, body immunity, osteoporosis and other diseases


Vitamin D deficiency is being linked to different types of cancers, including  Pancreatic cancer.


In two Harvard studies found a link was found between vitamin D and pancreatic cancer:

  • One study compared people taking 150 vs 600 international units (IU) (3.8 vs 15 mcg)  vitamin D per day. There was a 40% lower cancer risk in people who took more vitamin D


  • The other study found a 35% lower risk for those with higher vitamin D blood levels.


Resources on Vitamin D Deficiency and possible Health Problems


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