Happy Mothers’ Day! Doing The Most Amazing & Hardest Job

Happy mothers’ day! Being a mother is the most amazing thing and also the hardest job. My opinion. You can’t just switch off anytime you want. Or retire ever! Once a mother, forever a mother. Cheers today and always!


 I grew up in a large family and sometimes dreamt of having seven children. Don’t ask me why. I just love babies.

Having one made me realize how much work one child is, not to mention 3 or seven!


Get this – my great- grandmother, grandmother and mother all lived under one roof and they all thought children could not get too much love and pampering.

Except when they needed their butts spanked!


 Mothers, sisters or aunties strapped babies onto the backs and carried  them everywhere. At night they slept with the parents.

So I grew up thinking it was normal for babies to sleep in their parents’ beds till they were two years old.


This is a family tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. We believed that a baby should have as much contact with the parents, especially the mother within the first 2 years.


While awake they were strapped onto our backs during the day  as  we went about our daily activities until they fell asleep, whereupon they got transferred into our beds!


So, when I had my first baby I wanted to keep to that tradition. My husband had other ideas!!

My husband had other ideas! He wanted none of that. Bless him – he was from a different culture.


Bless him – he was from a different culture.

But this was my method of parenting,  I loved having my babies in my bed and I stuck to that until they turned two years.

Why did I continue this tradition?


It was less hassle – didn’t have to get off my bed to care for them during the night; they slept better so I slept better.

However, I realize that it’s not possible for mothers who work outside the home to be able to have their babies so close to them as such, as I learned with my last baby.


But in my experience, it’s generally better for babies the more physical contact they have with you.

They even cry less.


What is your experience of having your babies sleep in your bed?

I would like to hear your views on this issue.

Once again, happy mothers’ day to all the mothers and expectant mothers everywhere! You are heroes!


To your health and well-being, super mothers!


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