Depression – Why Your Milk Of Human Kindness Is Needed. Not Stigma!

This day and age depression is still associated with much stigma. But no one gets it by choice, design or because of personal weakness.

You don’t get depression by choice!

No one who has been affected by this debilitating mental health condition chose to get it!
no choice

This is quite a sad thing, really. Considering that it’s a medical condition, like any other. No one would think less of someone just because they had a fall – except, of course, that happened as a result of drunkenness!

Again, no one looks down on a person with migraine, a broken leg or Type 1 diabetes.

So, why is it that when someone has depression so much negativity is associated with it?

So much negativity that it’s a triumph for them to admit, even to themselves, that they have depression.


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Let’s show more understanding instead of stigmatising people who suffer from this condition.  Show more tolerance and understanding. This way they can admit it to themselves that they have a medical condition. And get help when they do.

And get the help they need, for themselves and their families.

Especially children who won’t understand why mum or dad is unhappy .

Everyone would like to be happy! Or not??

But for someone going through depression, it’s not a case of “happiness is a choice! Be happy”!



Partly due to the stigma and misunderstanding attached to depression, sufferers often deny they have a problem.

In fact, when someone can admit to the fact that they have got depression, they have won half of the fight!!

Here are some Depression Aids I find helpful. The more we understand this condition, the more we are able to help ourselves and others suffering from it:

As a health professional and a mother, I believe that a healthy lifestyle is a cure all! Or almost! So, I really like Stephen Ilardi’s program on beating depression.

This program focuses on lifestyle and practical ways to help you reclaim six ancient lifestyle elements that can improve or eradicate depression:

The 6 Steps Program To Beat Depression

Underneath The Lemon Tree – A Memoir On Depression

 I would love to hear about your opinions regarding depression. Have you, or anyone you know, got some experience you would like to share?

Please  get in touch. The more we talk about depression the better it will get for the eight to ten percent of  the population who suffer from this debilitating condition in any given year.


To Your Optimum Health & Well-being!

Cecilia Scheyerle, MPharm


Author: Authority Wellbeing

Authority Wellbeing is run by a mom who trained as a pharmacist & hygienist, now passionately working as a well-being coach. She believes that everyone can get and maintain their best health & well-being using simple healthy lifestyle steps. She believes you can feel better, look better, have abundant energy without starving yourself or health fads that don't work.

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