From Charcoal To Diamond! How To Get Off Negative Anger Zone Faster!

Today, writing this post will be the first constructive action I’ve taken because of anger! We can’t help being angry at times, get wrapped in negative emotions that zap energy and stress us. But how does that affect your well-being ? The sooner you get off that anger zone, think you are being refined from charcoal to diamond – a better person, the better!


Having spent the best part of today being almost paralyzed by anger, I had to make a conscious effort to snap out of that “negative zone of anger”.

Was my anger justified? Hell, yes!

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Happy Mothers’ Day! Doing The Most Amazing & Hardest Job

Happy mothers’ day! Being a mother is the most amazing thing and also the hardest job. My opinion. You can’t just switch off anytime you want. Or retire ever! Once a mother, forever a mother. Cheers today and always!


 I grew up in a large family and sometimes dreamt of having seven children. Don’t ask me why. I just love babies.

Having one made me realize how much work one child is, not to mention 3 or seven!


Get this – my great- grandmother, grandmother and mother all lived under one roof and they all thought children could not get too much love and pampering.

Except when they needed their butts spanked!

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How I’m Detoxing My Family Off Sugar. Living Without Fruit Juice & Drinks

Seven months ago, I decided to detox and slowly wean my family off sugar. Starting with an easy target of living without fruit juice and drinks. Here’s how I’m detoxing my family off sugar and why!


Now we rarely drink it and I ask myself why it was such a staple, worth spending money on, never mind the excess sugar load and questionable additives and flavourings we steadily got from them.


Here’s how I embarked on our sugar detox journey and encouraged my family to drink almost nil fruit drinks and juices!

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Depression – It’s Not A Choice, Myth Or Weakness!

Depression is invisible, real and often has devastating financial, emotional and physical consequences. Some believe it’s a myth! Depression is not a choice, myth or weakness. It’s a medical condition when every day is Blue Monday and needs to be treated like one!


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The 5 Secrets To Gaining More Peace Of Mind

Happiness comes from having peace of mind. Money, beauty and relationships alone won’t make you happy. With so much out in the world to make anyone depressed and unhappy, try these 5 secrets to gaining more peace of mind to guard your mind and heart with peace.


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Life’s For The Living! Live It To The Fullest Before The Song Ends!

What’s our lifetime if not life experiences filled with  possibilities and uncertainties? As the author of your destiny, you can choose to live life to the fullest because life’s for the living. It’s not a race. Live it to the fullest before the song ends!

Learn to see and enjoy the uniqueness of each day, before the song ends!


One thing is certain, though. Each day will be like no other.


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How To Stop Cystitis: That Burning Feeling In Vagina

Ever had burning feeling in your vagina and wondered how to stop this awful feeling? Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder and urethra in women and uncommonly, in men. Simply put, bacteria got into your bladder and grew there. Follow these ten steps to prevent cystitis and heal faster.




You may have cystitis if you have these signs and symptoms 

-Pain when urinating, with pain worsening towards the end of you voiding your bladder

– Increasing urgency to pee

– Difficulty peeing and some blood in your urine

– Sudden onset of symptoms, not a long gradual start


If uncomplicated cystitis, things will usually clear up fast with few well-being interventions:


10 Lifestyle Changes To Prevent Cystitis

1. Use organic and natural products like cotton

2.Use Alkalinising Agents like Sodium citrate (Cymalon Cystemme or Canesten Oasis) or Potassium citrate, to neutralize the higher acidity of your urine.

3. Increase your fluid intake by drink about 5L within every 24-hour period. This will help you urinate more and help to flush out bacteria out of your bladder.

4. Try drinking Cranberry Juice.

5. Avoid sex until cystitis clears up.

6. Avoid alcohol.

7. Always clean your bottom using a front to back motion.

8. Avoid “holding on” when you feel the urge to use the toilet.

9. Try urinating immediately after sex as this may prevent/minimize further attacks of cystitis by flushing out bacteria from the urethra.

10. Use a hot water bottle abdominal pain relief



-Talk with your doctor or pharmacist if these symptoms have lasted for 5 – 7 days.

-If there is vaginal discharge.

-If you are over 70 years or if a child or male.

-If you also have pain in loin area

-If you also develop a fever, are diabetic, pregnant or have a weak immune system




Other Remedies / Book I Have Found Very Useful In Cystitis Management: 


IC Naturally: A natural Approach To Treatment Of Interstitial Cystitis, a book  by Diana Brady, BA, M.S. This book would be good for the woman who is interested in natural ways to prevent and manage cystitis.


The book and the Cystitis Bladder Healing Pain Relief Calming All Natural Herbal Formula Powder Supplement  focus on using natural remedies and lifestyle methods to manage cystitis, while the other products would have alkylanising agents like sodium nitrate or potassium citrate.


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How To Face Challenges & Stress To Find Healing Inner Peace

When faced with challenging times in life, where and how do you find healing and inner peace? They say when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. What if you could get through stress and  challenges faster and better? Here’s how you could face stress and challenges to find healing inner peace.


As everyone of us has at one time or the other discovered, these challenging phases in life sometimes come double or triple! These are the times we feel things are so bad that they possibly cannot get worse.

And they do! For a while at least!

For me, sometimes, just before I go crazy the way gets easier!


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Why Diabetes Does Not Mean A Death Sentence

Having diabetes does not mean a death sentence for you.You fight it, adopt healthy lifestyle choices to gain and maintain a happy and fulfilled life, even with diabetes. Regular exercise, check up, relaxationgood food and support from a well-being coach can  have a good life despite diabetes.

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7 Ways To Navigate To The Happiness Within You!

Life flies by. Whether or not we choose to seek, hold onto and live in the happiness within us! No matter the past, today is a new day to nurture your  well-being . Try these 7 ways to navigate to the happiness within you .

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