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Why You Should Worry And Treat Bleeding Gum. The Start Of Toothache!

Do you have bleeding gum? It’s the start of toothache. Not just one of those annoying  things. Worry about it. Better yet, learn to treat your gum disease now!

You are not alone,  thinking bleeding gum is harmless, though.

Most people  think this is normal. But seriously, it’s not! Even if it’s widespread.  Let’s just get that out of the way.

It’s the start of toothache and possibly, more health problems.

Bleeding gum is a major warning sign from your body that your immune system is under heavy attack!




If you ever experience any of these signs:

• Red, swollen gum

• Bleeding gum when brushing or flossing under normal conditions

• Some blood on your toothbrush or floss after brushing or flossing

I will be blunt – you have a developing case of  active gum disease, also called gingivitis at this stage.

This means you are starting to develop active gum disease (gingivitis at this stage).

Bleeding gum is not harmless ! This is your major warning sign that the bad bugs that cause gum disease have gained direct access to your blood system.

Not just that. Those little bugs (look below) can enter into  your whole body system!




Listen to your bleeding gum –  it’s telling you something worth taking fast action to stop!

But bleeding gum is common. A whopping 90% of adults (over 30) experience it. So most people think it’s normal.

9 out of 10 of adults over the age of 30 has gum disease.


They fail to deal with at the initial first sign of gum redness and bleeding before more damage is done.

What’s  the mission of these bad bugs (bacteria)? 

Their mission is to  invade, colonize and devour the gum and bone tissue in your mouth! No less!

AND, wait for it…… they  also contribute to the development of other diseases including diabetes, heart disease and cancer!

It’s more than bad breath and rotting teeth. This can affect your whole health and well-being!




Check these other oral health conditions out.  Consider getting help if you suffer from any of them.


Have a great week. Don’t forget to get in touch with your questions and suggestions.


To your health & and optimum well-being!


How Wealthy Are You? You Are Really Stinking Rich!

How wealthy are you really? What is true wealth and how do we create it?  You are really stinking rich!!  Let’s look at your life and health!


Consider this – as a healthy person, you can embark on attaining goals you set for yourself. Your goals may be  small but they are life-enriching for you and your loved ones.




Possibilities abound when in good health! you can set out to do small but life-enriching things.  Or you can achieve great things – scale mountains…enrich lives…earn lots of money…support yourself and your family.

You can set out to do small but life-enriching things.  Or you can achieve great things – scale mountains…enrich lives…earn lots of money…support yourself and your family.

When in good health, you can do whatever you set your heart to do. The world is your oyster and you can reach for the stars. If you believe, that is.



However, when and if you are not healthy, whatever greatness you have will not be seen, felt or heard of as it will not come to light at all or manifest at optimum capacity.

Your brilliant mind, your boundless energy, creative ingenuity and capacity to enrich yourself as well as other lives will be thwarted.

Sometimes all it takes is a visit to a local hospital to remind you of all the things you take for granted! Try it one day!


health, wealth

We tend to treat money as the wealth we have to pursue at all cost.

Here is a plan that some of us have – when we are rich, that is, after we have amassed enough money that we think will make us wealthy, then we will have time to concentrate on our health and well-being!

The art of happiness  is more than amassing money!


determination, dogged


We forget that none of us knows what tomorrows has in store for us! Moreover, whatever you are doing to your health now will always count! Your health keeps count of everything you are subjecting it to – good or bad!

Your health & well-being success is the sum of your daily efforts. Repeated. Day in and day out!

Fresh appetizing apple and brightly colored dumbbells tied with a measuring tape. Slight reflection, white background, focus on the apple

If you treat your health well, it will serve you well. So, remember that your health is your wealth, your true wealth as Mahatma Gandhi famously quoted.

Your health is an asset to be nurtured – on a long-term basis. lovingly managed like any other asset to ensure a good, safe and happy life.

Happiness is a choice!

Lovingly managed like any other asset to ensure you can enjoy a good, healthy and happy life.

Do you agree that true wealth is more than what you own?


More on health & well-being studies:


Read about health & wellbeing and how it affects social inequalties

Studies on health, wellbeing & happiness


I wish you a happy weekend. To your optimum health & well-being!

To Your Optimum Health & Well-being!


Depression – Why Your Milk Of Human Kindness Is Needed. Not Stigma!

This day and age depression is still associated with much stigma. But no one gets it by choice, design or because of personal weakness.

You don’t get depression by choice!

No one who has been affected by this debilitating mental health condition chose to get it!
no choice

This is quite a sad thing, really. Considering that it’s a medical condition, like any other. No one would think less of someone just because they had a fall – except, of course, that happened as a result of drunkenness!

Again, no one looks down on a person with migraine, a broken leg or Type 1 diabetes.

So, why is it that when someone has depression so much negativity is associated with it?

So much negativity that it’s a triumph for them to admit, even to themselves, that they have depression.


mental health -faces


Let’s show more understanding instead of stigmatising people who suffer from this condition.  Show more tolerance and understanding. This way they can admit it to themselves that they have a medical condition. And get help when they do.

And get the help they need, for themselves and their families.

Especially children who won’t understand why mum or dad is unhappy .

Everyone would like to be happy! Or not??

But for someone going through depression, it’s not a case of “happiness is a choice! Be happy”!



Partly due to the stigma and misunderstanding attached to depression, sufferers often deny they have a problem.

In fact, when someone can admit to the fact that they have got depression, they have won half of the fight!!

Here are some Depression Aids I find helpful. The more we understand this condition, the more we are able to help ourselves and others suffering from it:

As a health professional and a mother, I believe that a healthy lifestyle is a cure all! Or almost! So, I really like Stephen Ilardi’s program on beating depression.

This program focuses on lifestyle and practical ways to help you reclaim six ancient lifestyle elements that can improve or eradicate depression:

The 6 Steps Program To Beat Depression

Underneath The Lemon Tree – A Memoir On Depression

 I would love to hear about your opinions regarding depression. Have you, or anyone you know, got some experience you would like to share?

Please  get in touch. The more we talk about depression the better it will get for the eight to ten percent of  the population who suffer from this debilitating condition in any given year.


To Your Optimum Health & Well-being!

Cecilia Scheyerle, MPharm



7 Lies We Tell Ourselves To Make Depression More Powerful

Depression is invisible. But real and can have devastating consequences. Check these popular myths about it. Read why it’s not by personal choice, design or weakness.

Some  of us may have  had these thoughts, or even spoken them aloud, at some point in time: depression is a myth!

Do you think like this – Other people get depression, not people like us?

Or this – depression is just a condition lazy people invent to excuse their laziness.


Here are some other popular myths about depression – real men don’t get depression; I am a busy woman and I have no time to be depressed; depression is a condition

– Real men don’t get depression

– I’m a busy woman and I have no time to be depressed

– Depression is a condition hypochondriacs develop when they run out of medical conditions to complain about

– I’m too strong to be depressed

– I wouldn’t be depressed if everyone else would just leave me alone

However, depression doesn’t happen by choice or design! Nobody chooses to get depression.

But how they choose to deal with it may be a matter of choice.


no choice

Depression  has no respect  for a person’s  status. Anyone can develop it – rich, poor, old, young, executive, teenager, man or woman.

It can happen to anyone, at any time, slowly or over time. It can hit you hard when you least expect it.


Real, strong men can not get depression. Yes, they can, and they do!


In fact, if you think like this, you are more liable to suffer more from depression – you remain in denial longer. You cause more emotional harm to  yourself and your loved ones, and you would be more liable to lose your job!



Now to the people who often think they have to be strong towers – women. They may think they  have no time to be ill.

They are too busy – they have to run the family, take care of all the people they love, run businesses and ensure their careers are upwardly mobile, always!!




Who else is going to do all these things we alone as women can do??

Yes, women have to make time to take care of ourselves, too.

Otherwise, there may no one and nothing left for us to care for!

The fact that we  cannot see the physical signs and symptoms of depression does not make it less real.

Depression does not develop because you are weak. It’s not a matter  of lack of strength on your part.

If you fall down and break a leg, do you regard this as a lack of strength on your part? Or does someone get cancer because they are weak?

You don’t get depression because you are too weak to overcome the obstacles of life and flourish!


You do not get depression because you are a weak person. It’s not a matter of emotional strength or weakness!!

Another myth is believing that the depression we are experiencing would cease to be if everyone would just leave us in total peace.




Absolute peace and quiet. From our children, our partners, colleagues, neighbours and bosses.Since that is never going to happen, we will have to confront depression from another angle- treat it as a condition it is and not just the fault of everyone in our lives.

This is never going to happen. No one is an Island!we will have to confront depression from another angle- treat it as a condition it is and not just the fault of everyone in our lives.

We have to confront depression from another angle- treat it as the condition it is. Not just the fault of everyone else in our lives!

Take it that you need some intervention.  You need some help, just like everyone else, at some point in life. Period!

You know, it’s possible to have outer quiet and still suffer from  inner turmoil. Especially when you realise you need help. But remain in denial.


hands-1437736-lend a hand

Let’s give a helping hand and treat depression as the medical condition it is. Not something weak people develop; not a condition that happens by choice or weakness; not something hypochondriacs get when they run out of conditions to suffer from; not for a certain age or class of persons. It can happen to anyone!



1 Way To Know How Wealthy You Are!

You can only achieve your best when you are in best health. So, how wealthy do you consider yourself to be when you are healthy? Poor or rich?

money-matters-1173120 coins in hand
Consider this, only when you have good health and well-being can you achieve all those great things you want – scale mountains, get to the top of your profession. Have boundless energy. Do whatever you set your heart to do.

Continue reading “1 Way To Know How Wealthy You Are!”


7 Tips To Get Rid Of Constipation…PERMANENTLY!

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of constipation? Try these simple and natural health hacks to crack constipation.Feel like trying natural ways to improve it? Use these 7 simple & natural lifestyle  tips.

As you may very well know, constipation is no joke! Depending on whichever way you look at it, there really are two end points – acute constipation -where immediate relief is needed, or chronic, long term constipation. I believe that understanding the two types and their root causes are important for health and wellness.

What is constipation or Poo Withholding?

When can you class yourself as being constipated? According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney diseases, this is different for different people! 

What’s normal for you may be abnormal for another. It’s normal for some people to “go” up to three times a day while for others, once every three days is normal.  Read more

Going to the toilet can be a relaxing time when constipation is not involved!



Definition of constipation – It is defined as a reduction in a person’s normal bowel movement, followed by more difficult bowel movements/ and or hard stools.

It’s normal for some people to defecate up to three times a day while for others defecating once every three days is normal.

Who does constipation affect?  Everyone!  It’s common to all age groups, especially the elderly, where an estimated 25 % to 40% of people over the age of 65 have it.

Causes of constipation

Causes of constipation include any metabolic process that facilitates water resorption from the colon, including:

Some medicines: medicines  known to cause constipation include:

-Antacids for heartburn/dyspepsia – aluminium and calcium salts

-Antacids for heartburn/dyspepsia – aluminium and calcium salts




-Calcium channel blockers

Lifestyle changes can affect you and result in physiological conditions like depression, which can manifest as constipation.

These  include job changes, divorce, separation or other relationship changes.

Poor nutrition 

Sedentary lifestyle

Chronic illness

Decreased fluid intake


coming-soon-300x227 (pregnant woman)

(Image above is courtesy of

Constipation in pregnancy is due to a combination of increased circulating progestogen, displacement of the uterus against the colon by the baby, decreased mobility and the use of iron supplements in pregnancy.

Pregnancy  is a common cause of constipation, as many women know!
Bump To Birth, the eBook above by Lleanon Rao is a guide of holistic remedies for common pregnancy ailments and natural childbirth.

Also, if pregnant and you suffer from constipation, even after taking the steps above, you may want to try natural ways you can alleviate constipation 

And/or consider speaking with your health care practitioner!
 Fight Constipation – Use Healthy Lifestyle Methods!

Drink water!!


Increase your fluid intake by consciously monitoring how much you drink daily!

Get an attractive water bottle! I did this and discovered that what I thought I was drinking and actually drinking were two different things.


T By Lakemint - 15.2

But since getting my water bottle, I have found it easier to increase the amount of water I drink by preparing and setting aside the bottles of water I want to drink on a daily basis.

This way, I can monitor the volume of water I actually get to drink daily.

So How Much Fluid Do You Need Daily??

This has been calculated as the amount of fluid your body needs to function properly and replenish what you lose daily through perspiration, urine and bowel movement, as well as through your breath.

Adequate fluid intake for men is about 3L and for women roughly 2.2L.
Read more about your daily water requirements for healthy life
Other Sources of fluid include watermelon, spinach and other fruits and vegetables.

Drink tea!!

mixing matcha


There are varieties of teas to choose from and you are likely to find the tea you like, as long as they hydrate you and not the dehydrating types!

Personally, I prefer the organically grown teas, especially organic green teas.

They contain no sugar, additives, pesticides and other unhealthy substances.

Try Nature’s Own Organic Coconut Oil


Find out the reasons organic coconut oil is being hailed as a “superfood”!

For centuries coconut oil has been used by people who were not associated with diabetes, heart disease and cancers.

Not All Fats Are Bad For You!!

Find out why all fats are not equal. Some fats are good for you and others are to be avoided!

Get to know the healthy fats to eat to be healthy and remain healthy and the ones to avoid to keep heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and a host of other diseases at bay!

I used this E-book by Jake Carney (Founder, The Alternative Daily). It outlines 9 reasons to use coconut oil daily.  Buy now

Empower Yourself!  Learn Other Wellness  Steps To Stop Constipation

I found  the eBook, Nature’s Quick Constipation Cure by Dr. Scott McLeod good. It is an all natural step by step plan to cure your constipation and learn natural techniques to prevent constipation. Buy now

While some of the methods may require some time to be effective, you will gain long-term benefits when you use them.

Eat Probiotics Daily!

Probiotics are essential, living bacteria and yeasts that contribute to our health and well-being, especially our digestive system.

They are “the good bacteria” that keep our guts healthy.

You can find them in some yogurts and health supplements.

Here are some resources for probiotic supplements:

Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein

Klaire Labs

Probiotic Premium

Mother’s Select Probiotics

Wholeness Therapeutics Premium Blend

Prebiotics has good health benefits for everyone, including  babies. Read more about a study published on prebiotics.


Eat Your Fruits And Vegetables! 


I’m sure you have heard this countless times – eat lots of fruits and vegetables, five to seven portions a day!

Know how you can get optimum health and well-being, delay ageing by improving what you know about fruits and vegetables and the way you use them!

This eBook from Yulia Berry Pharmacy In Vegetables teaches you how to use the science of the health benefits of vegetables. Buy ebook

You need them to be healthy. More than that, you need them for optimum well-being. Also, to keep your digestive system functioning properly, while preventing constipation.

Also, to keep your digestive system functioning properly while preventing constipation.
You can also supplement your diet with good organic health supplements.

However, I’m sure you know this already, the best thing to do is to ensure that you consume your daily recommended portions of fruits and vegetables.

But, living the hectic life common to the developed parts of the world makes this challenging!

Just ensure you get good quality, organic health supplements, if you do decide to use them!

So, if you ever wondered how to get did of constipation using 7 healthy lifestyle tips, try these methods!!

How To Know You Need More Help Against Constipation

However, you may need more help if you are taking all these wellness steps below and you still suffer from constipation:
– You drink lots of fluids daily

– You eat your recommended portions of fruits and vegetables daily

-You are not taking any medicines that predispose you to constipation (ask your pharmacist if unsure)

– You are having regular, balanced meals daily

– You are having regular exercises

Bottomline: If you are taking all these healthy lifestyle steps, regularly and you are still suffering from frequent bouts of constipation, consider speaking with your health care practitioner.

According to a study published in The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, constipation can have intrinsic and extrinsic causes.

Moreover, there is a difference between occasional bouts of constipation and chronic constipation.

If you want lasting improvement, both types need different management . Read more about this study

If you like this post, please don’t forget to comment and share!

Get in touch with questions or ideas regarding this topic, or any other you would like to see here.


To your optimum well-being,

Cecilia Scheyerle, MPharm


Some references I used



Feel Like Giving Up? Not An Option! Keep Going!

 Feel like giving up? Not an option! How else can you say “I did all I could”?! When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! Yes, trying times come, when nothing in  life seems to be going right. Keep going!

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, whatever happens, you can honestly say – “I did all I could do”. I gave that challenge all I had in me to give”! So, giving up is not an option.

You think nothing is going as you planned. Though you spent years planning your life – just the way you wanted it.


Things are not the way you have planned for. You planned so well, didn’t you? You worked damned hard too. Just to make sure you have what you want from life. You invested your time. You invested good money you could have used to enjoy yourself.

When your mates were out enjoying themselves, you slogged it out, working hard. You made sacrifices. You had a plan.

But now, when you think you should be reaping the fruits of your labors- taking things easy – you still have to work hard!


Are you to give up now? What’s the point? Why not just give up the fight and succumb? Admit it –  life has defeated you!

You are tired of trying to make it in life. Tired of trying so hard to become the person you know you should be.

Maybe you are stuck, doing the job that you hate. Are you stuck in the marriage that is making you miserable and unhappy, more and more?

You may be tired of trying so hard to raise kids who are unappreciative of you. They don’t see all the sacrifices you are making so that they can have the life they have. They even act like they hate you sometimes! But they don’t!


Know what? Keep reaching for your dreams. Giving up is for losers and you are not a loser. You have inner strength. You are strong. You are can get to that place where you want to be. Keep your natural goodness.

Keep your hope up. Even when circumstances try to make you think you have no hope. You do.

You have a purpose on earth.You have been created for a reason. There is no vacuum in life. And no one is just here on earth for no reason. Your life has a purpose. Even if you think otherwise. Every step, every effort counts.

determination, dogged

Set your mind on your goal. Make up your mind – keep working towards your goal. Keep working hard at that job. Do all you can to make that marriage work.

Keep loving your children  loving your children – even when you think they don’t deserve it. Even when they act like they don’t care. They do!

Keep hard at that business idea. Give it all you can.

At the end of the day, life is a race. It’s a race that will work out differently for each and every one of us.

 But one thing is for sure – this race will end one day. Nobody knows when their race will end. When you get to the end will you think you gave this race all you had to offer?

How are you running this life race with you have been given? 


At the end of the day, it’s going to be the only thing that matters. Not how rich you became. Not how successful you were in your career, business or raising your children.

It will be – how well did you run your race? Did you get to your destiny? Did you become the person you were meant to be? Did you fulfill your destiny? Will  you feel you tried your best?

So, keep doing your best – give life your all. Whatever you have to do, do your best. Do what you feel is right. Do what you think is right.

It’s all you can do! At the end of the day, it’s your race! And no one else’s.




Depression. Why Can’t Some People Be Happy Like Normal Humans?!

Since  depression is a condition  that does not display obvious signs we can  see easily, some of us have developed myths about it. Myths and negative feelings that ensure that much stigma is still attached to this condition. 

 Do you belong to the group of persons who have this thought – other weak people get depression – not people like us. Or even told someone who is really depressed, “get hold of yourself. There is nothing like depression. Live in the real world like the rest of us, lazy git!”?

No wonder people with depression get so little understanding and often struggle with accepting the fact that they have the condition themselves!

Here are some other myths people are spreading about depression

  • Real men don’t get depression
  • I am a busy woman and I have no time to be depressed
  • Depression is a condition hypochondriacs develop when they run out of medical conditions to complain about
  • I am too strong to be depressed
  • I will not have depression if everyone would just leave me alone
Depression  has no respect  for a person’s  statusAnyone can develop it – rich, poor, old, young, executive, teenager, man or woman. It can happen to anyone, at any time. It can slowly creep up on you over time. Or hit you hard when you least expect it.

Real, strong men cannot get depression.
Yes, they can, and they do!
headache man

In fact if you think like this, you are more liable to suffer more from depression – you remain in denial longer. You cause more emotional harm to  yourself and your loved ones.  And, you are more liable to lose your job.
I am the woman and I must remain strong!
Now as women, we often feel that we have no time to be ill. We are too busy – we have to run the family, maintain social contacts with friends and take care of all the people we love.
We run our businesses and make many sacrifices to ensure our careers are upwardly mobile. Who is taking care of us??
Who else is going to juggle all these areas of life, like women alone can?!
ways to wellness

As women, we should make time to take care of ourselves. Otherwise, there may no one and nothing left for us to care for.Yes, lots of  women often feel this way. They are so busy taking care of everybody else in their lives. Just not themselves!
Here’s my experience on this – My children talking to me when I drag myself around with flu when I really ought to be in bed. “Mom, stop moaning that you are ill. You are not! If you really are ill, lie down or sit down!”  
The fact that we  cannot see the physical signs and symptoms of depression does not make it any less real.
Depression is for weak people
As for  depression being solely as a result of strength – if you fall down and break a leg, do you regard this as a lack of strength on your part? Or does someone get cancer because they are weak? 
You do not get depression because you are a weak person.

I am not depressed, I just need absolute peace

Woman sitting on tropical beach looking out

Another myth is believing that the depression we are experiencing would cease to be if everyone would just leave us in total peace.

Do you feel you need to be in an island all by yourself? Lots of us would love this too. At least, sometimes! But it’s the regularity of needing this, not wanting it, that makes a huge difference!
Absolute peace and quiet. From – children, partners, colleagues, neighbors and bosses. It’s difficult, if not downright impossible to have that amount of peace and quiet! For more than a few days!
happy woman
So, how about you confront depression as what it is. From another angle – treat it as the medical condition it is and not just as the fault of everyone else in your life! Although, on the light side, living with very negative people would be enough to make anyone depressed! 
It’s possible to have outer quiet and still suffer from  inner turmoil. 
If you know of other myths and misconceptions around depression,please get in touch, dear people!
Do get in touch with your experiences, comments and questions here. I would really appreciate it!

To your Optimum Health & Well-being,

Cecilia Scheyerle, MPharm




Healthy Living: How Power-Walks Help Reduce Weight

You can get healthier from today. Just put on your shoes to power-walk, a few minutes a day helps reduce weight. True, healthy living is hard in this cut-throat world. But it’s possible. Studies show that our legs are at least as good as gyms!

This major study suggests walking can help us gain better health and well-being. Just fast 30-min walks, five days a week. Instead of sweating in the gyms, do you want an effective way to better wellness? Read on!

According to lead researcher Dr Grace Lordan, writing in the Journal Risk Analysis: “ Given the obesity epidemic and the fact that a large proportion of people in the UK are inactive, recommending that people walk briskly more often is a cheap and easy policy action”.

This latest research was conducted by the London School of Economics and Political Science.

About 50,000 participants took part in the annual Health Survey for England between 1999 and 2012, using questionnaires, followed by a nurse visit.

Measurements, including Body Mass Index (BMI) were taken.

Research Conclusions 

  1. Taking a brisk thirty minutes’ long walk a day, five days a week is more effective than other exercise methods at keeping your weight down.
  1. Women of all ages who walked regularly were found to have particularly benefited by becoming a dress size smaller.

They lost 4.3cm (1.7in) off the waist.

  1. Men who walked regularly, thirty minutes or more per day, lost 3.3cm (1.3in).
  1. Men and women over the age of fifty experienced stronger benefits than younger people.
  1. Men who took brisk walks of thirty minutes, five days a week, four weeks long had a reduction of one unit lower than average BMI (Body Mass Index).

For women this value was 1.8 units.

  1. Exercise/sport participation for the same period of time was effective at keeping weight down, albeit at a markedly reduced rate of BMI 0.3units (men) and BMI one unit (women) lower than average.

Body Mass Index is a way to determine a person’s risk of developing diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases.

BMI is your weight (in kg) divided by your height squared (in metres).

A person with a BMI of over 30 is classed as being obese.

One in four persons in Britain is obese.

Findings from previous researches

Walking can reduce your risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure, more than running.

What You Need To Do To Get Health Benefits 

To get health benefits health benefits health benefits that would outweigh what you get from other keep-fit activities like running, working out at the gym and swimming you have to do this:

You have to ” power walk”, walk briskly for at least thirty minutes, enough to raise your heart rate and make you sweat!

To conclude, it is my opinion that for any exercise to be effective, it has to be something you can incorporate into your life, until it is part of your lifestyle!

Therefore,for this exercise form to work, for the long-term, it’s got to be something that you can do regularly and  enjoy. It’s no good if you will not keep doing it, until it becomes part of your  lifestyle.

Which of these factors do you think would make “high impact”(brisk half hour) walking difficult-

  1. Not used to long, brisk walks
  2. No space for this type of walk
  3. I’m too busy
  4. Walking is boring, no socializing
  5. Too difficult- I get out of breath

Education is everyone’s duty!

Feel free to like, share and don’t forget to leave your comments below!

To Your Optimum Health & Well-Being,

Have a great week.

Cecilia Scheyerle, MPharm