Miracleaner Make Up Brush CLEANER


Professionals recommend you clean your makeup brushes every two to four weeks. But traditional cleaning methods are messy, laborious and can leave brushes wet and unusable for up to 24 hours. This device leaves your brushes clean and dry – ready to re-use in just 30 seconds!

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CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES IN SECONDS – Gone are the days of 24 hour brush cleaning times! The MiraCleaner by the Aurora Collections is an electric makeup brush cleaner designed to fit your busy schedule. The electric spinner used in combination with our spill proof wash bowl will change the way you clean your brushes forever!



1 x Device (Miracleaner)

1 x Spindle

1 x Bowl

1 x Neck

1 x Ring

8 x Collars

1 x Base

1 x Gasket


  • 3 STEPS AND YOU’RE DONE! – (1) Insert brush to the appropriate mold and attach to spinner (2) Dip brush into bowl with soapy water or your makeup brush cleaning solution for 30 seconds (3) Spin dry… repeat if necessary


  • ELIMINATE BREAKOUTS & MAINTAIN CLEAR SKIN – Did you know one of the primary reasons for breakouts is mainly due to poor hygiene and using unclean cosmetic products? By reducing the time and simplifying the process to clean your makeup brushes, you can actually reduce the frequency of breakouts by cleaning your brushes regularly. We recommend using the MiraCleaner twice a month to maintain bacteria free makeup brushes!


  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE CONSTRUCTION – We at The Aurora Collections always ensure only the finest, most durable materials are used for our products. The MiraCleaner is constructed out of the highest quality acrylic and plastic materials. If on the rare chance something is wrong with your MiraCleaner we have a LIFETIME WARRANTY as well just in case.
  • PACKAGE DETAILS – User manual, electric spinner, wash bowl, 8 different sized collars, spinner and collar base, and spinner spindle (batteries are not included – requires two AAA batteries)


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