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1 bottle of OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend
1 specially-designed Bass toothbrush
1 OraWellness tongue cleaner
The OraWellness Starter Kit—complete is the perfect way to help you navigate to greater oral health. (It also makes a great gift!)

The basic starter kit includes:

1 bottle of OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend
1 specially-designed Bass toothbrush
1 OraWellness tongue cleaner
The starter kit – complete includes the basic kit and:

1 spool of our favorite floss
1 OraWellness saliva pH test kit
All the tools you need to balance your oral flora (the oral microbiome).

The unique, balanced formula of the HealThy Mouth Blend supports and soothes stressed gum tissue (made from 100% organic and wild crafted ingredients)
The specially-designed Bass toothbrush effectively disrupts and disorganizes ‘bad bugs’ known to cause gum disease.
The OraWellness tongue cleaner (the Ultimate Cure for bad breath) provides a very simple and effective tool to balance your oral flora.
Our favorite floss is the perfect combination of quality floss, best value and very eco-friendly.
The OraWellness pH test kit provides critical feedback so you know you are heading in the right direction.

Basic, Complete, Couple’s Kit/Gift Pack

Testimonials – I have been amazed with your products and have been religious with my oral health regime after being diagnosed with severe bone loss and gingivitis a couple of months ago. Having gone to an oral surgeon and hearing of gum surgery, bone grafting and the like ( I even had scheduled an appt to do begin the process!), I decided to take matters into my own hands and research my options. I found your website, thoroughly read about the products, watched the videos and decided to order two starter kits-one for myself and one for my oldest son for Father’s Day.

I had just gotten started with a daily rhythm using your products and guidelines (less than a week) when I went in for my six month cleaning. On one side of my lower jaw I had a gap of 8.8 mm measured last fall. When the hygienist began her poking and prodding, she stopped, looked at my chart and poked again exclaiming “Wow. This gap was 8.8 the last time you were here and now it’s at 6.0 mm. Humm-that’s interesting.” Hummm…yep, interesting indeed!!

My next cleaning visit is in December. I trust at that time I can reverse and stop the downward spiral my teeth were headed. Thank you for all the work you do and for providing such amazing products and guidance for the planet. I’ve shared with many my experience thus far.

Cathy R from Denver, CO

I was depressed and frustrated regarding my dentist visits and how my oral health was not getting better even with all the scaffolding and deep cleaning. Searching the internet I came across OraWellness and decided to give it a try.

I ordered the starter kit and I am beyond happy experiencing the wonder of how my gums have healed a lot and my teeth have tightened. Thank you OraWellness!

Alma SAlma S from Idaho

My family is just finishing our first bottle of HealThy Mouth Blend and we are thrilled with the changes we are seeing and feeling in our mouths.

I purchased the blend after reading about it on a natural health blog as I had been on a search for better toothcare for some time.


We had abandoned common commercial-brand toothpastes years ago and had been using a combination of “natural” brands and a homemade powder.

HealThy Mouth Blend really fulfills all our needs for both effectiveness and chemical-free and we love the versatility it offers as flossing aid, toothbrush aid, and mouth rinse.
We are all noticing long-lasting fresher breath, fewer canker sores, and an all-around cleaner feeling. Our gums are no longer bleeding during flossing and a few sensitive spots I had in mouth are long gone. Even our kids (6, 4, 2) love the blend!

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an effective and natural toothcare option. The fact that it is organic makes it even better! Though I am sure anyone would notice the difference using just the blend, I think the Bass brushes, tongue cleaner, and even the pH strips are worth the extra money. My teeth feel cleaner after a single brushing than a trip to the dentist! We will be ordering more!

Charletta T from California

I began using Orawellnes products in April 2014.

I was depressed and frustrated regarding my dentist visits and how my oral health was not getting better even with all the scaffolding and deep cleaning.

I ordered the starting kit and here I am beyond happy experiencing the wonder of how along with the starting kit the Healthy mouth blend my gums have healed a lot and my teeth have tightened to a 80%.

I highly recommend the product and Encourage anyone to use Orawellnes product daily as their dental hygiene products

Alma S from ID


I’ve been meaning to write you after the holidays to let you know that all of my adult children received a bottle of HealThy Mouth Blend in their Christmas stockings!
I have shared your products with all of them-even sent the basic starter kit to my youngest son living in Sweden! They have now all started on a path to oral health and wellness.
Thank you for your continued great products and wonderful customer service. It’s a family affair indeed.
Cathy R from Denver, CO

Thanks so much for your products! I absolutely love the toothbrush, tongue scraper, & of course the healthy mouth blend. My teeth and gums are improving every day.

My gums used to bleed every time I flossed, and now I can floss with no problem. I finally feel my teeth and gums are healthy!

Heather Y from New York

Just a note to say thank you for your informative website. I have learned so much from watching your videos.

I was told by a dentist a few years ago that I would need a gum transplant in the future. I did not like the sound of that and it is not anything that I would ever consider. But he didn’t recommend any preventative measures or ways to heal my gums.

I have been using the Orawellness oil when brushing, flossing and to massage my gums. I will continue to make this a part of my daily regimen.
Pamela G from Nevada

I have loved using HealThy Mouth oils for a few months now along with the tongue scraper. My gums are healthier and my mouth is CLEAN! My husband even remarked that my bad breath is gone which has always been a problem. I know it is because of all the essential oils that have healed my mouth and I’m so grateful that I found your company and products.

Alisha B from Indiana

Since I started using the Orawellness system, I don’t have any stains, even though I’m an everyday coffee drinker, and I won’t ever give up a good fresh cup of coffee. My gums are healthy, plaque is very little to none. The dentist asked me last time why I even came in, there’s hardly anything to clean, even though my last cleaning was…. Well, I’m not going to tell you all my dirty secrets but let’s just say it’s been longer than it should have. The tongue cleaner is the absolute best I’ve ever had as well!
Amanda L from Florida

I’ve been using the products – the toothbrush, tongue scraper, HealThy Mouth blend etc, for just a short time, but I can already notice a difference – cleaner teeth, and healthier gums. I can’t wait to go to my dentist and see if he sees a difference too!

Carla R from Louisiana

I bought your starter kit basic and have been using your product for 3 weeks now. My teeth have already improved! I love your product and have just completed an order for more. The taste is fabulous, crisp, and clean!

Your educational materials have taught me more than I ever learned from the dentist or other sources. My current dentist wants me to see a periodontist. I’ve had a lot of dental work done over the years. I will be 70 years in a couple of months, still have all my teeth but have receding gum lines and one molar with a 11 pocket. I now believe my teeth will make it to be 80, 90 or even a 100! You have an awesome product!

Vickie F from Wisconsin

I just had an appointment with my dental hygenist last Friday and came away with great results.

I have improved gums in many ways, the deep pockets have become less deep, the gums themselves are pink and healthy looking and do not bleed now during cleaning.

Plaque buildup between cleanings is minimal. My mouth is fresher and cleaner and just feels better in general

I love your Orablend, your toothbrushes and your tongue cleaner.

Evelyn S from Mississauga, ON, Canada

I ordered the HealThy mouth, tongue scraper, and 2 brushes. My mouth feels better, breath cleaner, and I am a loyal customer now:)

Carolyn K from Florida



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