Shine Tooth Whitening Powder

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Shine – Remineralising Tooth Whitener

Remineralize first, then gently whiten your teeth…

Stopping the creation of new cavities and remineralizing even existing tooth decay are possible once we understand the mechanisms our bodies use to remineralize our teeth and provide the necessary support.

  • Help remineralize existing tooth decay
  • Protect against future decay
  • Gently whiten to a naturally brighter smile without harming enamel

OraWellness Shine Remineralizing Tooth Whitening Powder applies 3 unique strategies that each contribute to remineralize tooth enamel and help reverse tooth decay.

Working together, the ingredients in the unique formula of Shine encourage the deposition of minerals back into the structure of our teeth, providing us with the opportunity to not only slow/stop the loss of minerals (which protects against future tooth decay), but even the chance to slow, and even reverse, the process of tooth decay.

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Shine Tooth Whitener

Shine—Remineralising Tooth Whitening Powder

Unlike other whitening products that can actually damage enamel, the primary intent behind OraWellness Shine is to remineralize our teeth.  Once we restore lost minerals, we can address the secondary focus of Shine: to gently encourage a brighter, whiter smile.


Product Information

Weight .41 lbs
Ingredients Micro-crystalline hydroxyapatite (sourced from pure bone powder from New Zealand pasture raised cattle), non-GMO xylitol (sourced from birch trees), sodium bicarbonate, white kaolin clay, calcium lactate (non-dairy), magnesium carbonate, himalayan salt, peppermint, spearmint, menthol
Quantity 1 jar – 60 grams – over 200 uses, 3 jars
Purity Certified gluten free, soy free, dairy free, GMO free, rice free, fluoride free, SLS free, glycerin free.
Contains animal products from pasture based cattle from New Zealand.


How does Shine gently whiten?

Whitening teeth is risky business because most whitening products are actually bleaching agents which can cause a loss of minerals from the teeth.

Researchers found that there’s one ingredient, white kaolin clay powder, that is the most effective to whiten and clean the teeth without damaging enamel.

The good news is even staining on veneers or composite (white) fillings on front teeth can be polished whiter.  These dental materials are at risk of being stained by common staining foods/drinks (coffee, tea, red wine, green smoothies, blueberries, etc).  OraWellness Shine even helps to remove stains from these dental restorations.

How to use OraWellness Shine:

  1. For general remineralizing support, simply apply Shine to a moistened toothbrush and brush as normal.
  2. To increase whitening benefit, focus on the front teeth when first starting to brush.
  3. For extra remineralizing support, swish Shine around your mouth for several minutes after brushing.


How does Shine remineralize our teeth?

Shine combines 3 remineralization strategies to create a unique remineralization product solution the world has never seen.

The reason Shine works so well is because:

  • the minerals are exactly the same as the minerals our teeth are made of
  • the minerals are in a very bioavailable form
  • the particle size is tiny in order to be incorporated into the tiny tubule structure of our teeth
  • the formula uses a unique delivery method to bring the minerals exactly to where our teeth need support

So, one reason Shine works so well to reverse tooth decay is simply that Shine makes available tiny particles of the exact mineral structure our teeth are made of available to rebuild and restore the minerals that have been lost from our teeth.



I’ve been making my own tooth powder for years, but I was surprised that my teeth were still turning yellow! There seemed to be quite a thick stained layer especially on my front two teeth. I thought a dental hygienist would need to scrape it off for me.

But after using Shine for a few days my teeth felt really smooth and noticeably whiter. Now after a few weeks I am so excited about the results! I do not need anyone to polish my teeth.

This stuff is awesome!!! It is remineralizing my teeth and making them SHINE



WOW! I am shocked after using Shine for the first time with my husband.

As someone who has unfortunately used almost every whitening product under the sun over the years before educating myself on the harm I was doing-I am amazed.

Using Shine once rivals the results of a whole box of whitening strips. People need to know about this stuff!

With my husband being a heavy coffee drinker, his results were even more drastic. Now I’m kicking myself for not ordering your bundle of 3 instead! Ya’ll are awesome! Thank you!

Christy G from Iowa

OraWellness has become a trusted name in our household. We are so appreciative of the education and high-quality products they provide their customers.

After noticing a marked difference using the HealThy oil blend as well as the Bass brushes, I was eager to try the Shine tooth powder. I had been making my own powder successfully in the past, but realized I needed to use one without bentonite clay due to having a permanent metal retainer.

The minty Shine powder leaves my mouth feeling fresh. I am already happy with the results thus far, and have noticed that it has a gentle whitening effect, as well as contributing to lessened sensitivity on my back molars which I target first with each brushing.

I look forward to its continued benefits as I brush with it in the coming months. Thank you for your excellent product!

I just LOVE OraWellness Shine. Now when I look in the mirror, I finally see what I always wanted to see.

Greg B. from NJ

Shine has maintained that same vibrant color since my cleaning which was August 22nd. I love it!

I know the purpose is remineralization with the whitening being a plus! However, I’ve noticed a few things. Firstly, when I use the applicator around the gum line, in the past, I have always felt the applicator going in the pockets. Since using Shine, it almost feels like a, for lack of a better word, a bit of numbness. Sensitivity gone.

There are 2 places on 2 of my back molars on the outer side at the gumline that almost feel like divets or enamel wearing like a small pot hole in the street. They used to be sensitive like the nerve was really close. I don’t know why, but I decided to check back there this weekend and NOTHING! No sensation whatsoever, almost like the feeling like that area has had a sealant put on it.It’s almost as though my teeth are feeling a bit thicker or something.

There is another areas around the lower teeth just before the molars around the gumline. That area due to some recession was sensitive if I scraped it and now after using Shine, again, sensitivity has reduced. Not completely gone but reduced.

I wanted you to know my thoughts after using it now for about 5-6 weeks. I have a strong feeling that Shine is doing its job! It’s really remarkable! I just ordered 2 more because I’m almost out and so are you guys.

Tracy V from Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been making my own tooth powder for over a year now, with good results. I’ve also tried other natural tooth powders that were just okay. I decided to try Shine because I used OraWellness Healthy Mouth Oil alongside my toothpowder and on my floss with amazing results, that even my dentist noticed right away.

Shine is just amazing. It’s a step beyond my own tooth powder that I make. I thought it couldn’t get any better than my own homemade, but Shine is something very stellar!

I noticed a difference after just a couple of times of using it. My teeth are brighter and whiter and I love the taste as well.The bright smile I have now makes me look a lot younger than I really am! Who doesn’t want that??!

I still use the Healthy Mouth oil on my floss and I use it in water as a rinse, but Shine does everything and more that a tooth powder should do. So happy with the results!

Jeanie K from Highlands Ranch, CO


Due to a major trauma, I no longer have all of my natural teeth. It’s very important for me to keep the teeth I have healthy and strong. I experience a lot of anxiety about them.

Since I have found OraWellness, I have a lot less anxiety, my mouth feels better and the teeth stronger. The videos have helped me learn the proper and more gently way of taking care of my whole mouth, and the products give me confidence that I am giving my mouth and teeth the best chance possible to last a very long time.

My teeth are whiter, less sensitive and just feel better since I began using “Heal Thy Mouth” and most recently, “Shine”.Thank you for your products and ongoing support.

KR from Little Silver, NJ

Thank you most sincerely for your service to people and their well-being. I, and many, many others look forward to OraWellness Shine as a valuable gift from you and your team. Your example of service to humanity is an inspiration and a lesson to us all!

Joel L from San Diego, CA

Hey! So first off I have to say thanks for opening people up to your products. I recently purchased the toothpowder and with a little hesitation about if it will work.After only three uses I can see and feel a dramatic change.

First thing I noticed was the first time brushing my teeth with the powder. I could feel the powder build up really quick in my mouth and the powder got sticky. I kept brushing and spit out the sticky liquid. It was a brownish color! I speculate it was all the gunk in my mouth and on my teeth.

The next major observation was the fact that the clear lines on the bottom of my front teeth went away! This definitely means the enamel is back only after three uses.Not to mention my teeth are a lot less sensitive.

Daniel C from Boca Raton, FL



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