Sugar Causes Diarrhea And Other Old Wives’ Tales!

Growing up in a small African town, I believed  sugar caused diarrhea and other old wives’ tales!  My great grand mother convinced me that sugar was bad for health. She said, if someone eats  a lot of sugar they got immediate  diarrhea ; that sugar rot teeth and was addictive – that the more I ate it, the more I would crave it. I believed.


Now as an adult, I am learning to have  respect for some old wives’ tales – since this scare story probably made me not love sugar so much. Maybe some other such tales have some truth in them? Anyway, we now know sugar is not so benign.

In fact, some researches suggest sugar is the new fat!


What put me off wanting to eat much of sugar was the fear of getting immediate diarrhea, to be honest!

As a child the fear of getting rotten teeth in the future did not faze me. Not as much as the thought of getting immediate diarrhea! Now this was something I could visualize.


What child wants diarrhea?! At that young age, didn’t really care much about sugar causing ill-health. That wasn’t something that I could see. But the diarrhea – this I could imagine. And, I did not want this!


The other supposedly bad effect of sugar I often heard was that sugar caused rotting teeth

I could identify with this effect – I saw some people with rotten teeth, mostly adults. Again, this was something I didn’t want to have, though not really bothered about,thank you!


How did these  Old Wives’ Tales  have an impact on my childhood diet?

Well, we  rarely had sweets for dessert. On the rare occasions I got a boiled sweet or two, which I often had to share with two or three other children. I wasn’t happy about this, but with time I just got used to it, craved sugar less and less.

The body needs sugar to function and lots of foods have natural sugar in them.

Perhaps we could cut down on the amount of added sugar we eat, especially in our children’s diet – the less sugar they have, the less the craving for  more sugar they may develop. Is eating lots of sugar addictive?



Do you have any Old Wives’ Tales you heard as a child? Would you like to share how these stories had an impact on your lifestyle as a child then and now?


Have a great week. 🙂


Sissi Scheyerle MPharm


Some research sources on sugar

The Warburg Effect, Sugar & Cancer

Is sugar really as addictive as cocaine?

Added sugars, western diet, obesity and health risk

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Spaghetti With Peppers, Chicken & Chicken Sausage

As a busy mother I don’t want to spend precious time cooking from scratch every day. So I’am learning to make simple, fast nutritious meals for my family, without making everything from scratch.

Today I’m making spaghetti with peppers, chicken & chicken sausage.  Make in bulk & freeze!


Why I love these fast nutritious meals

• Most of the preparation can be done beforehand

• Meals are versatile

• Economical

. Helps to prevent eating unhealthy fast foods



Spaghetti  or other pasta (pre-cooked)

Bag of frozen oriental vegetables ( containing red peppers, green Peppers, onions and  bamboo shoots)

Chicken breast grilled or baked (sliced to desired shape)

Chicken sausage (grilled cut to desired shape)

2 garlic cloves

2 -3 spoonful of tomato Bolognese Sauce

Olive oil

Chiu Chow Chilli Oil




  1. Cook and drain spaghetti (or other pasta of your choice) in the colander. Heat oil and fry onion over low heat to bring out flavor.


2. Add chicken strips and chicken sausages. Add 2 or three spoonfuls of tomato bolognese sauce to mixture and fry for about five minutes, or until chicken strips and sausage are defrosted and tender.


3. Add a coffee spoonful of Chiu Chow Chilli Oil. Use less if you are not used to hot foods. Use more if you like it hot.


4. Add frozen vegetable and cook for 5 minutes, or until defrosted and cooked (it should be still crispy not overcooked).


5. Add drained pasta to pan, mix thoroughly into mixture using a wooden spoon. Add grated garlic and serve.


I know the picture doesn’t look professional, but my family really love this nutritious dish!

Have you got easy family meals? Share your fast & nutritious meals with us!


Have a great week!

Sissi Scheyerle MPharm


Teeth Whitening: Go Natural No Tooth Damage Or Paying Too Much!

Teeth Whitening: go natural, no tooth damage or paying too much! In an ideal world this is what we would all like. Have brilliant and healthy teeth. But the reverse is often the case, judging by how our visits to dentists!



Recently, a lady I know paid a dentist £600 to whiten her teeth.

The treatment caused discomfort, didn’t work and her teeth got no whiter! She told me she was disappointed, but not giving up and will continue to search for a shinier smile!


Shine Tooth Whitener


Why would anyone pay out so much money to have beautiful, bright teeth, you ask? Having worked as a dental hygienist, I can tell you this – people fork out even more money to whiten teeth!


Go Ahead Whiten Your Teeth – But for health’s sake, without damaging them. Most Whiteners are Bleaching Agents.

Remineralize first, then gently whiten your teeth…


Possible –  To stop the creation of new cavities (holes) and remineralize even existing tooth decay! We just need to understand the mechanisms our bodies use to remineralize our teeth and provide that support.


3 Things Your Tooth Whitener Should Do

  • Help remineralize your teeth already decaying
  • Protect against future decay
  • Gently whiten to a naturally brighter smile without harming enamel


OraWellness Shine Remineralizing Tooth Whitening Powder applies 3 unique strategies that each contribute to remineralize tooth enamel and help reverse tooth decay.


Working together, the ingredients in the unique formula of Shine encourage the deposition of minerals back into the structure of our teeth, providing us with the opportunity to not only slow/stop the loss of minerals (which protects against future tooth decay), but even the chance to slow, and even reverse, the process of tooth decay.

How does Shine gently whiten?

Whitening teeth is risky business as most whitening products act as bleaching agents. This can result in a loss of minerals and actually weaken your teeth.

Researchers have discovered that one ingredient, white kaolin clay powder, is the most effective to whiten and clean the teeth without damaging your enamel.


Getting Rid Of Stains

One  good news – even stains on veneers or composite (white) fillings on front teeth can be polished whiter.  Food staining on the dental materials above commonly occur from these foods/drinks (coffee, tea, red wine, green smoothies, blueberries, etc).

OraWellness Shine even helps to remove stains from these dental restorations.


Get in touch if you would like to know more about OraWellness Shine or if you’ve got stories to share about tooth whitening!

Happy tooth whitening!




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From Charcoal To Diamond! How To Get Off Negative Anger Zone Faster!

Today, writing this post will be the first constructive action I’ve taken because of anger! We can’t help being angry at times, get wrapped in negative emotions that zap energy and stress us. But how does that affect your well-being ? The sooner you get off that anger zone, think you are being refined from charcoal to diamond – a better person, the better!

Having spent the best part of today being almost paralyzed by anger, I had to make a conscious effort to snap out of that “negative zone of anger”.

Was my anger justified? Hell, yes!

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Happy Mothers’ Day! Doing The Most Amazing & Hardest Job

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 I grew up in a large family and sometimes dreamt of having seven children. Don’t ask me why. I just love babies.

Having one made me realize how much work one child is, not to mention 3 or seven!

Get this – my great- grandmother, grandmother and mother all lived under one roof and they all thought children could not get too much love and pampering.

Except when they needed their butts spanked!

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