How To Face Challenges & Stress To Find Healing Inner Peace

When faced with challenging times in life, where and how do you find healing and inner peace? They say when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. What if you could get through stress and  challenges faster and better? Here’s how you could face stress and challenges to find healing inner peace.


As everyone of us has at one time or the other discovered, these challenging phases in life sometimes come double or triple! These are the times we feel things are so bad that they possibly cannot get worse.

And they do! For a while at least!

For me, sometimes, just before I go crazy the way gets easier!


So how do we navigate, face those tough times better, without losing some important part of ourselves in the process? Like our sanity?

Well, you could give these stress-bursting, wellness enhancing techniques a trial. Mindfully navigate the situations with these steps:


Talk about it! Let people you care about know something is going on!
This generally may not apply to women. We are quite adept at talking about our emotions. We let people know who and what is making us unhappy!!


Women will readily call up friends and family members to chat about their feelings, even if they live in different continents! I have been known to call up friends and family in four continents over the course of one evening.


So, if we  need understanding and support on a burning issue, we have to share our concerns. We could share our  feelings with our loved ones, friends or work colleagues involved.
No one can read our minds. No matter how long they’ve known us, how can we be sure they know exactly how we feel?


For example, I felt hurt by someone I love dearly for saying I was not family. Matter of fact I didn’t have a good sleep for a week. For me, I love him and think of him as family.


I remember I didn’t talk with him for a week and he was completely baffled,unaware of why I was giving him the cold shoulder.

Then we talked and we realized we have different ideas of who makes up a family! As an  African, loving someone, being very close to them can qualify them as family. This is why my nephew’s sister-in-law is still my family.

To him a European, family is a nuclear unit-mom,dad, brothers and sisters. Only by talking could we clear this cultural misunderstanding.

I’ve come to learn that if I don’t share when I have a problem I’m on my own. When we’ve been hurt by someone and we fail to tell this person how much they’ve hurt us, we just hurt for longer.


Spend time with people you love and care about. After sharing the fact that you are having challenges at the moment with people you care for, spend quality time with them.
Do things together.

What if they need to understand  the situation in order to support us better? Let’s aim to include them, not shut them out when we are hurting.


Building healthy relationships, promoting well-being


Let’s remember to include our children in matters that impact on them. My opinion, it can be beneficial for the older ones to realize that parents have their challenges too.

That life is not always rosy, but we learn to deal with any challenge that come our way.


Of course, the teenagers may behave like they don’t care. As a mother of teenagers, I’ve learned that they do care.

As many parents may agree, it’s more challenging to spend quality time with them as they become  adolescents and teenagers.


Now, my teenage daughter thinks hugging and kissing me is no longer cool.

But, she loves back and shoulder massages from me. So this is our special time. When we can really talk.


Let’s not moan and whine endlessly. You can moan, whine and become more stressed and miserable and make other people around you unhappy.

No matter how much someone loves or cares about us they will eventually adopt ways to distance themselves, emotionally and physically, when we are always miserable and whine day in, and day out!


They do care but it’s a matter of self preservation! This doesn’t mean that they don’t love us, or care enough. They may just need to distance themselves emotionally, in other to deal with us and the situation. Sometimes, this may seem like they don’t care.


Eat what you love! I believe we should eat the foods we love. What’s the point of eating or drinking foods you dislike? Apart from making you go back to binge on those junk foods you wanted to avoid.


Often, when stressed, we eat comfort foods or drink. But what if we could eat more of foods that also have healing, calming, relaxing effects on our bodies and minds? Some dark chocolate with organic matcha instead of crisps? More herbal teas and a bit less wine?!


Try matcha organic tea. It contains L-Theanine, an amino acid that has been shown to have mind-calming properties. These amino acids make you  feel relaxed and calm, for longer- over a period of four to six hours. See whether you will get that relaxing, calming effect from it.


Chocolate  with organic matcha tea can serve as an excellent comfort food, but with some beneficial wellness effects.

Of course, let’s remember too much of anything is bad!


You can prepare organic matcha as a warm tea, in milk shakes, or sprinkled over salads and soups. Or, use it as  an addition to cakes and muffins.


Yes, challenges cause so much stress as to threaten our sanity sometimes. But, they don’t last always. And with these mindfulness techniques we can get over them better and faster:


  • Talk about the situation
  • Don’t exclude people you love
  • Remember  too much whining and moaning may have counter-productive effects
  • Eat what you love, wisely
  • Try foods and drinks known to have healthy, relaxing, calming effects

Author: Authority Wellbeing

Authority Wellbeing was created by a trained pharmacist, who is passionate about better wellness. She believes getting and maintaining optimum health & well-being is better done with simple, personalised lifestyle techniques. She believes you can feel better, look better and have abundant energy, all without starving yourself or health fads.

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