Feel Like Giving Up On Life? Not An Option! You Are Tough!

Feel like giving up on life? Not an option! How will you say – “I did all I could”?! When the going gets tough, the tough must get going! Yes, stormy times happen. When nothing in life seems to be going right. That is, life is not going your way! Keep going!


At the end of the day, when all is said and done, whatever happens, you can say – “I did my best“. I gave that challenge all I had in me to give”! So, giving up is not an option. 



You think nothing is going as you planned. Though you spent years planning your life – just the way you wanted it.

Things are not the way you so assiduously planned!. You planned so well.


You worked damned hard too. Just to make sure you have what you want from life. You invested your time. You invested good money you could have used for lavish holidays, maybe!

When your mates were out enjoying themselves, you slogged it out, working hard. You made sacrifices. You had a plan.

But now, when you think you should be reaping the fruits of your labors – taking things easy – you still have to work hard! It’s not fair, is it?


Are you thinking about quitting now? Quitting that job, that relationship or that project that is failing to give you harmony or satisfaction. So you think -“Why not just stop going through the motions?”


Maybe you are stuck, doing the job that you hate. Are you stuck in the marriage that is making you miserable and unhappy, more and more?


Or, you may be a parent who is tired of trying so hard to raise kids who are unappreciative of you.

Children often seem oblivious of all the sacrifices you are making so that they can have the life they are enjoying. The teenagers! They even act like they hate you sometimes! But they don’t! I’m a parent, trust me!

Keep building.


Keep reaching for your dreams. Giving up is for losers and you are not a loser!

You have more inner strength than you think. You are strong. You are can get to that place where you want to be.


Sometimes when we’ve tried so hard, it’s easy to get disheartened. Keep your natural goodness, without getting bitter. Keep reaching out!



Keep your hope up. Even when circumstances try to make you think you have no hope. You do. When there’s life and well-being, there is always hope for a better tomorrow.


You have a purpose here on earth. I believe that every one of us has been created for a reason. No one is here on earth by accident.


Our lives have a purpose, some specific things we’ve been ordained for. Though, when things seemingly go wrong we may think otherwise.


Every step you take in life matters. Daily, your efforts takes you nearer to your purpose.


Set your mind on your goal. Make up your mind – keep working towards your goal. Keep working hard at that job. Do all you can to make that marriage work.



Keep loving your children – even when you think they don’t need it. Even when they act like they don’t care. They do! I am learning daily, to my amazement, how much our children are aware of.

I’ve found this to be a powerful motivation for me to keep doing my best. Not that I’m perfect. Far from it! I just try to be the best I can.


Keep hard at that business idea. Give it all you can.

At the end of the day, life is a race. It’s a race that will work out differently for each and every one of us! A race that’s not just about getting to the end of. Rather, the journey itself.

 But one thing is for sure – this race will end one day. Nobody knows when their race will end. When you get to the end will you think you gave this race all you had to offer?


How are you running this race with all the blessings you have been given? 

At the end of the day, knowing you have done your best is going to be the only thing that matters. Not how rich you became.

Not how successful you were in your career, business or raising your children.

When the end comes – how well will you say you ran your race?

Will you think  you became the person you were meant to be?

Did you fulfill your destiny? Will  you feel you tried your best, no matter the outcome?


So, let’s keep doing our best – give life all we have to offer. Whatever we do, let’s do our best. Do what feels right. Do what you think is right.


It’s all we can do! At the end of the day, life is a race! A race that ends without any prior warning! 


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To your optimum health & wellbeing,

Cecilia Scheyerle, MPharm

Author: Authority Wellbeing

Authority Wellbeing is run by a mom who trained as a pharmacist & hygienist, now passionately working as a well-being coach. She believes that everyone can get and maintain their best health & well-being using simple healthy lifestyle steps. She believes you can feel better, look better, have abundant energy without starving yourself or health fads that don't work.

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