Why Diabetes Does Not Mean A Death Sentence

Having diabetes does not mean a death sentence for you.You fight it, adopt healthy lifestyle choices to gain and maintain a happy and fulfilled life, even with diabetes. Regular exercise, check up, relaxationgood food and support from a well-being coach can  have a good life despite diabetes.

True, diabetes is a serious long -term condition. But it does not necessarily mean that you can`t live a good, fulfilled and productive life. You can still live a good life with diabetes.

There’s a lot you can do to improve your well-being. Actually, the outcome of the diabetes may very well depend on the lifestyle choices you make now.




Monitor your Blood Glucose Level. Measure your blood glucose level regularly and know what the levels mean to you in terms of the level you need to aim for, according to your health needs.


Diabetes can lead to other health conditions, when not properly managed. Keep a close eye on your blood-glucose concentration to alleviate your Diabetes symptoms and minimize the risks of developing other long- term conditions high blood pressure.


Working on your weight is important, but so is your  well-being! From experience, I believe it’s often in the mind. If we feel stressed, we tend to make more unhealthy choices. Eat more than we need. Eat more junk food. Smoke more. Sleep less. So, work on losing weigh. But, remember our well-being also affects our weight! Reduce stress.



Getting regular health checks is important.

• Know your cholesterol level

• Know your blood sugar level and find do-able ways you can maintain a healthy blood sugar level.


Of course, it’s important to maintain contact with your doctor or nurse. However, you might also consider having a health and well-being coach to support and help you gain the best health result you can get.

A professional who will be available to work with you, use your personal factors to gain better results for you.


Ideally, your health coach will make a Personalized Action Plan that will help you for the long-term. Sure, drastic health measures are sometimes needed. For example, if your blood pressure or cholesterol levels get dangerously high, the dose of medicines you take may get increased immediately.


But as diabetes is a chronic condition, ideally, you will be looking at making lifestyles changes you can adopt and crucially, maintain for the long-term.

You need the lifestyle choices you adopt to work. You want your diabetes at a manageable level, whilst making sure diabetes does not cause further health complications. So, these healthy lifestyle choices need to be sustainable on a long-term basis.


Make time for you! Making time to relax helps you to become more conscious of your inner being, the universe and your environment

The more we get in tune with our inner being, the more we are able to achieve that sense of peace and harmony.


Do more of the things that make you happy. Remember, you are trying to improve your health and well-being. So, more of the things you love, that are not necessarily bad for your well-being too!

Also, spend time with people who bring out the best in you and make you happy.


Stress Relief


Make one healthy choice at a time. Change one unhealthy choice into a healthy choice. One at a time! This way, you give yourself time to adapt to the new change. Keep doing it, integrate it into your daily routine. Until it becomes a habit.


Eating Mindfully, Not Dieting!

Now is not the time to give up hope and think that all you need are anti-diabetic drugs .



Body weight plays a very important role in determining how well you can control the outcome of diabetes.


Do you need to stop drinking certain unhealthy drinks and start drinking healthier alternatives?

Adopt this healthier option and master this habit before moving on to another area of wellness.

Don`t be discouraged if you are not losing weight as fast as you would like.

Rather, aim for a slow but steady reduction to win this wellness race!


Get a trained  health coach to Support You




Make lifestyle choices that suit your personality and lifestyle. If you are modifying some of your lifestyle choices, these should be choices you can sustain for a long time.

You maybe trying to adopt new healthy choices that will help you to reduce your weight by eating less of unhealthy foods and more of the healthy ones you actually need.

So, you choose liquid meals . It’s fast, promises quick results and it’s convenient. How long do you plan to drink your meals. One month? A year?

Or you just eat fruits and green salads now. Have you thought about how long you can sustain this without being tempted to eat regular, solid meals?


Having been put on a liquid diet for a week after having a caesarian section, I really admire anyone who can sustain a liquid diet for more than two days! I couldn’t wait to eat solid food after one day!


You don`t need quick fixes or yo-yo diets at this point in time. You need to make changes for the long term.


Diabetes is a long-term condition. It’s really best for you to adopt or modify do-able  lifestyle choices. Healthy lifestyle choices that will help you to achieve and maintain a happy and fulfilled life, even with diabetes. It’s possible.


Healthy Lifestyle is a journey
Healthy Lifestyle is a journey


Points to remember:

  • Making healthy lifestyle choices can help you when you have diabetes
  • Take small steps at a time to get your weight where you want it
  • Concentrate on one lifestyle change at a time. For example, eliminate soft drinks and drink more water and herbal teas instead for a week
  • Aim for a slow but steady weight loss!
  • Get support from a health coach if you feel you need it




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Author: Authority Wellbeing

Authority Wellbeing is run by a mom who trained as a pharmacist & hygienist, now passionately working as a well-being coach. She believes that everyone can get and maintain their best health & well-being using simple healthy lifestyle steps. She believes you can feel better, look better, have abundant energy without starving yourself or health fads that don't work.

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