7 Ways To Navigate To The Happiness Within You!

Life flies by. Whether or not we choose to seek, hold onto and live in the happiness within us! No matter the past, today is a new day to nurture your  well-being . Try these 7 ways to navigate to the happiness within you .

As we go through each day this year, let’s remember that each and every day is unique. Each day holds a unique gift, waiting to be discovered.

A gift that has the potential to give us something to be happy about.

Navigating To The Gifts Of Happiness Within Us 

Spend more time with people you love. We can create more happiness by surrounding ourselves with people who make us happy. People who motivate and bring out the best in us.




Do the things you love. Do the things that make you feel happy. Doing these things can make us feel happy as various researches have concluded, including the Grant Study.  Read about the Grant Study

Happiness is not a destination to aspire to. Happiness is within the journey of our daily lives.

Find the positive things in your life and hold on to them! Happiness is a choice. We can choose to be happy no matter our circumstances. No matter where we are, work-wise or personal. If we concentrate on the things that really matter in life, we will see the positive things!


Even negative situations in your life can become your stepping stones. We can concentrate on the positive things in our lives instead of the negative stuffs.

Let’s appreciate there is a lesson to be learned from every situation. This lesson can navigate the way, help us to discover how we can turn the negative situations into stepping stones to better things. Be this work or personal life situations.


Be like a child again! Ever wondered how easy it is to please a child? How wonderful it would be for us, grown-ups, to be able to retain that ability to be so easily pleased.

To experience the simple pleasures of life like a small child, on a daily basis! I envy children, sometimes.




Picture a child rejoicing. The joy they show, even when they have played the same family games, over and over? Romping in mud, playing in sand, listening to a story. Playing with their friends.


Remember, how so many things seem wonderful to them.

They seem to feel, taste and appreciate everything more. Their sense of smell  and taste  is better than ours!

Seemingly minor things bring out ringing laughter, giggles and beautiful smiles from them. Even, if it’s just simple things. Like hazelnut butter sandwich or  the wave of a hand!

So, take time to be like a child again! Let’s allow the inner child in us blossom again. Open your inner mind and allow your heart to feel like a child, when it comes to the ability to immerse yourself in nature.

Let us allow ourselves to feel…see…hear and taste more.

It would be amazing. To experience how all our senses would become more alive to take in and enjoy more, all the beauty around and within us.




Make someone happy. Do some good for someone every day.  Doing good is an essential part of creating our happiness.

Remember, how doing good for someone else makes you feel good too? This is not just a feeling.

It’s an essential recipe needed for creation of more happiness, as concluded by various studies, including the Harvard study above.


Learn to forgive. This is something a lot of us might find difficult to do. We hurt and therefore tend to hold on to these pains of betrayal, deceit, wickedness…..

But, for our own sake, if we want to be happier and healthier, we need to forgive whoever hurt us. Easier said than done. But as you probably have experienced, it’s a process that gets easier to achieve when we the will to forgive is present. Forgiveness  is vital to your health & well-being.


Be grateful for all you have, big and small! It’s difficult to be happy when we believe we have nothing worthwhile. What then would there be to appreciate, be happy about?


Having more success does not necessarily mean you will feel happier.

By the way,how do we know getting those things we are pursuing now will bring us joy and fulfillment?


Chances are, you are more blessed than you  think! You woke up this morning. You are reading this post. Really. Just think about it. Concentrate on the now. Not your aspirations. Maybe, you will see that you have a lot to be grateful for.


Forgive yourself and others. We all make mistakes in life. And, people may have hurt us in one way or the other. However, the choice is ours, whether we continue to let them hurt us further, or not.

We don’t have to allow them to rob us, permanently, of our well-being: our peace of mind, health and balanced life/work relationships.


 Enjoy every day like it’s your last. Consciously, practicing the art of gratitude. Let’s be more grateful for all we are, what we have and where we are in life. Every day!


Invest your time wisely. Spend time with the people you love. Do the things that make you feel happy and look good .


Last, though not the least, re-awaken the child in you. Let us remember to allow ourselves the time we need to enjoy simple pleasures. Just like a child.

I value your comments and would love to hear from  you.


What’s your opinion about happiness?

A. A choice

B. A state of mind


To Your Optimum  Health & Well-being!

Cecilia Scheyerle, MPharm

Cecilia Scheyerle



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