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5 Hacks to Gain a Healthier Lifestyle!


It would be a great if we could say that the health choices we make daily promote healthier lifestyle. I can’t say mine always do, but I try! These 5 hacks will help, if you need to gain a healthier lifestyle, to promote your wellness. That’s if, like me, you are not a gym bunny and don’t wish to become one!


Surprisingly, the Annual Report released by the Chief Medical Officer for England has concluded that women’s obesity affects future generations. Hmm! Let’s talk about that!


Our health and life expectancy is expected to deteriorate. It makes perfect sense, our meal sizes seem to have gotten larger and larger, even as we exercise less and less!


But what daily lifestyle steps will make us healthier again?


How do you regain control of your health and well-being without making drastic changes to your lifestyle?


Just simple, healthier lifestyle changes you can do daily.

Dame Sally Davies said, “Tackling obesity in the population as a whole has to be a national priority, in order to reduce the impact of related, non-communicable diseases on healthy life expectancy and health services.


Reducing obesity in women also has the potential to lower the chances that their children will be obese”.




We need to tackle obesity as a personal & national challenge!

It’s become more than just  personal challenges individuals face!

Almost all of us must know by now that being overweight and obese is not good for our health and well-being.


It leads to diabetes, heart diseases, cancers and other  various health complications.

We need to look further than sporadic dieting. Look at our lifestyle!


Why Do We Keep Piling On Weight? Personally, I believe it’s not enough to hear that being overweight and obese is bad for you. We all know it is, it’s doing something to improve it that’s challenging.


Why are you finding it difficult to start the healthy lifestyle you’ve been meaning to start?  Why is it being difficult to walk that road to a healthier and happier life?


As anyone who has ever had to change a habit that was acquired over a lifetime will agree you have got to pass through these stages to make positive lifestyle changes:


  • Recognize you have a problem
  • Want to change
  • Know how to change the situation & recognise what to change
  • Do what you need to do to change for the better
  • Keep doing it, until it’s part of your lifestyle!


Without getting through these barriers, there cannot be a change.

Even if there is a change it won’t be an effective, lasting change!

Without recognising there’s a need for change, whatever should you change for? You’d believe there’s no problem and  would leave things as they are!


Need help to identify why you need to change current lifestyle?

As a teenager, I watched as my cousin took  to smoking. He was 18 years old.

He failed to listen when the whole family begged him to stop.


His reason: our 100-year-old great grandmother still smoked her pipe. He said he saw no reason to change his lifestyle.

Sadly, he died of throat cancer a few years later, while grandma was still alive!


Not everyone reacts the same way to chemical substances. In any case, cigarettes have different chemical substances to the locally grown tobacco she smoked.


Also, I had the opportunity to work in community pharmacies where I came across lots of people with diabetes, hypertension and a host of other long-term diseases.


Different people, different needs!

While some of these people clearly recognised the link between obesity and their ill-health a lot of them were unaware that it was having a massive effect on their well-being as a whole.



Then there were others who knew their present ill-health was because they were obese. But as long as they got their medicines, they clearly felt no need to address the weight issue.


Until they learnt that being over-weight would lead to a host of other health issues. These were the people who needed this type of help to change.


It’s Never Going To Be One Size Fit All! Every individual is unique with specific lifestyle, health, cultural & religious beliefs.


One solution does not suit every one!


What help do you need to get a healthier lifestyle? Like the diabetic patients who didn’t know that by failing to reduce their weight, they were more likely to develop heart diseases or cancer.


These people clearly needed to know how excess weight affects the whole body and mind.

So, if you believe you have issues with weight management, you might want to know why you need to change or modify unhealthy habits.


That is if are still unaware of the health and well-being dangers of excess body weight! Or you do know but you need just a bit of motivation to change.


Do you need motivation?

You may find that your motivation to lose weight gets much higher when you know all the potential consequences of excess weight. Not just the aesthetic aspect of excess body fat.


But consider all the physical, mental and financial ways you, your family and everyone of us will pay for it eventually if this excess weight is not brought down to a healthy level.


Steps  You  Can  Take  To  Improve 


Get Support If you need help and support to manage your weight, it’s better to seek for it. After all, when you have a broken bone you go to a bone specialist to have it set!


Get available help – Contact a professional well-being coach to help and give you support, one that is tailored to meet your individual situation and needs-social, physical and religious.


Team Up – Start healthy lifestyle changes with friends and family members, if you think you will benefit from the mutual support and encouragement you are likely to get. I found this quite useful.


Get in touch with me to arrange a non-obligatory 1-1 health & well-being session to know more about how you can benefit from individualized well-being plans today.


Need to get healthier? Try the 5 healthier living hacks above daily!


Sissi Scheyerle MPharm

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