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5 Steps to Prevent Long-Term Stress and Dementia


Landmark study evidence suggests that long-term stress  cause dementia. This study conducted by the University of Gotenburg, explored dementia caused by long-term stress. Do you want to safeguard yourself and others from this terrible and debilitating condition? Here are  five healthy living steps that can help to prevent stress and dementia.



This Study Linked Alzheimer’s to Stress Levels

The study suggests that the trigger for Alzheimer’s disease can be transmitted to humans through contaminated tools.

This 38-year study adds to other existing studies which have also linked stress to dementia.

The author of the study, Lena Johansson of the University of Gothenburg said “personality may influence the individual’s risk for dementia through its effects on behaviour, lifestyle or reactions to stress”.
Again, lifestyle is an important factor as stated in previous posts here.



Stress Dementia Healthy Living



Study Method


800 women aged 46 years on average were studied for a period of 38 years and tracked with personality and memory tests.
 Their stress levels, ability to combat stress and shyness, as well as whether they were outgoing or not, were studied. 


Study Result


Importantly, the study found that the women who scored highest for neuroticism were twice as likely to develop dementia as those who scored lowest. 19 percent of these women later developed dementia.


Is this a good idea to reduce stress causing dementia?


Does this give you even more reasons to try to reduce your stress level? 

If confirmed, then we have even more reasons to do all we can to minimise every risk factor.


Health Conditions Linked to High Stress Levels


1. Cancer

2. Depression

3. Skin conditions, including eczema

4. Asthma

5. Digestive system disorders including stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome

6. Heart diseases
7. Colds and flu


How  Stressed are You?

We all have one issue or the other going on, at any point in time. 
Any of them has the potential to lead to causing high stress, if we allow them to build up.
I cannot be certain of what goes on in other people’s lives. 
However, coming from a large family, for me there’s always one “drama” or the other!
 Dramas that can cause stress, if allowed to drag on and not controlled.


Take These Steps to Eliminate & Reduce Stress 


Try to do the following when you think the stress you are experiencing is affecting your sleep, health or well-being:


Identify your stressors, long-term stress cause dementia!

Ask yourself these questions


–  What are the things/situations that are causing me stress, big time?   

– Who are those people who drive me up the wall, every time, without fail?

– What are the things/situations, without which my stress level would be greatly reduced, manageable, or even completely eliminated? 


How can we eliminate the stressor that we don’t know about?


You can eliminate the stressors when you know what they are. Am I right?


• Contemplate well on your choices. Long-term stress can lead to dementia!


What choices have you got regarding these stressors, and what can you do about them? We sometimes say we have no choice. But we always have choices, most of the time anyway.
Whether we choose to exercise these choices or not, is the issue. Something that is entirely up to us!
Whether you take steps to prevent long-term stress leading to dementia or not is your choice!

 Why You Need to Prioritise to Prevent Long-term Stress Causing Dementia


What is more important to you and what can you do without?
Are the gains you get from these stressful situations and people (perceived and real gains) worth your health and well-being?

Is that stress you are getting from that matter/person  REALLY worth it?

Do you feel that your life is being enriched emotionally, spiritually, socially and physically? 
Maybe the financial gains are the only things you are actually getting from these stressful situations and persons.
In this case it might be better to re-prioritise. That is, if you want to prevent long-term stress.


Is it time to bite that bullet & make your choice?


 Making choices don’t always come easy but life is full of choices!

Sometimes, we just have no choice, but to make a decision. No matter how uncomfortable or difficult that choice is. 

It may not be easy, but in the long-run you will be happier, healthier and get more peace in your life.


Use Exercise as a Stress Reliever. Reduce Long-term stress that can cause dementia


Doing the right exercise, at a pace that suits you, can help you to de-stress.

You are not exercising just to slim down, or to win a competition, but you are doing it for your well-being.
Exercise, persevere at it, until you incorporate it as a part of your healthy lifestyle. Keep at it till it’s a habit!

Resources for stress reduction & Alzheimers I like

I get asked for sources of resources or programs that can offer help to alleviate conditions or diseases I blog about.
For relaxation aids and help against Alzheimers disease, I thought the resources below might help.
Please note: some might be affiliate links. I only link products I and my family personally use, have recommended for patients and support, and if you purchase any, that would be much appreciated, as the small commission I make is used to keep Authority Wellbeing running.



The Bottom Line

•Long-term stress can long-term stress can cause dementia and increase your likelihood of developing Alzheimers disease.


•Dementia has multiple risk factors, some we can do nothing about but some are preventable.


•You can do something to lower your risk of developing dementia. One way is to adopt a healthier lifestyle so as to reduce your stress levels.


•Eliminate stressors from your family and work life! Or reduce these stressors to a manageable level and prevent long-term stress that cause dementia!


Remember to Reduce stress daily! It may be easier said than done, but the more we consciously reduce our stress levels on a daily basis, the less stressed we get and the less the risk of long-term stress causing dementia!


By and large, most of us know that being under long-term stress is bad for our well-being. But it’s the management that we struggle with.


Remember to Identify Stressors. However, identifying the things and situations that cause us avoidable stress takes us to the next wellness step, which is learning to take simple daily steps to reduce, or eliminate these stressors. 


Have a great week and remember to use the 5 steps to prevent long-term stress and dementia! Share the love by sharing this post to someone.


To your optimum health & well-being,

Cecilia Scheyerle, MPharm

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