Melanated Beauty Products Have More of Harmful Chemicals!

melanated beauty

Most beauty products (80 percent) marketed at melanated people, contain more of harmful chemicals like parabens, formadehyde and SLS (sodium laryl sulfate). How come melanated beauty cosmetics have more harmful chemicals anyway? Here’s what you need to know about this!

And why you, a melanated person, might want to think twice before grabbing that cosmetic box off the shelf!



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melanated beauty


Effects of parabens on our body and health


•Easily absorbs into body through skin.

•Our bodies cannot break down parabens, therefore the kidneys will have to process it and expel some as urine. So for melanated people this means more harmful products!


•women store parabens  and scientists have been able to identify parabens when they removed cancerous tissues from some cancer patients.


• Parabens disrupt normal hormonal cycle.

•Parabens mimic estrogen and cause breast cancer.


•Research has found that parabens may cause considerable damage to the hair and scalp.

Melanated people, does this not defeat the purpose of buying the cosmetic products in the first place?


Increased Danger to melanated boys  and men

Accumulating more female hormone (oestrogen), low sperm count  and testicular cancer.


More Danger to melanated girls

Early puberty.


PARABENS other names (may be concealed under these names!)



I hope to raise awareness of these harmful chemicals here.

So that we, as melanated people, won’t be using our money to buy beauty products that could be harmful to ourselves and family, especially on the long term.


Simple rule for buying cosmetics

I have got this simple rule – if I can’t dream of putting in my mouth, I think twice before buying it or putting it on my melanated skin!

Well, most of the time!


With this in mind, I strive to sell almost, or mostly cosmetics that don’t have these chemicals that harm health and beauty.


Moreover, as a dark-skinned person, I am well aware that more cosmetics marketed to melanated people contain more of these harmful chemicals.


Get in touch and email me questions about this topic or any other you would like here.


Together, let’s stop this exploitation of melanated people.

Let’s raise more awareness about more of our cosmetics having a higher content of health and beauty harming chemicals.


Hopefully, we will make more conscious effort to choose better products, when it comes to melanated skin care and harmful cosmetics.


Let’s choose melanated beauty care products that make us feel and look better.

Not the ones that contain way more harmful chemical that actually harm our health and beauty, especially in the long run!


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Sissi Scheyerle MPharm

melanated beauty
melanated beauty

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