Healthier Lifestyle Without the Flu Vaccine?

Healthier lifestyle without the flu vaccine seems a contradiction.  Having taken flu vaccine for years without questions, I’m no longer sure it’s in my best interest. I stopped taking them after I almost died after having flu vaccine recently. So I began to think: what’s really in it and does it really ward off flu? Seriously! Read this post and make your own informed choice about having flu shots or not!


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How to Slash Your Sugar Consumption!

Having decided to slowly wean my family off sugar , I’m feeling overwhelmed at the array of drinks available in supermarkets. What’s best to drink now? I’m shopping for something wholesome to drink. Green tea, water, squash, juice, juice drink  soft drinks… How do you encourage your family to hydrate more, without compromising health with dodgy smoothies and drinks sold as health foods?  Take these simple steps to slash your sugar consumption!

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From Charcoal To Diamond! How To Get Off Negative Anger Zone Faster!

Today, writing this post will be the first constructive action I’ve taken because of anger! We can’t help being angry at times, get wrapped in negative emotions that zap energy and stress us. But how does that affect your well-being ? The sooner you get off that anger zone, think you are being refined from charcoal to diamond – a better person, the better!


Having spent the best part of today being almost paralyzed by anger, I had to make a conscious effort to snap out of that “negative zone of anger”.

Was my anger justified? Hell, yes!

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How I’m Detoxing My Family Off Sugar. Living Without Fruit Juice & Drinks

Seven months ago, I decided to detox and slowly wean my family off sugar. Starting with an easy target of living without fruit juice and drinks. Here’s how I’m detoxing my family off sugar and why!


Now we rarely drink it and I ask myself why it was such a staple, worth spending money on, never mind the excess sugar load and questionable additives and flavourings we steadily got from them.


Here’s how I embarked on our sugar detox journey and encouraged my family to drink almost nil fruit drinks and juices!

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7 Healthier Lifestyle Tips to Get Over Depression Faster!

Depression is invisible, real and often has devastating financial, emotional and physical consequences. Some believe it’s a myth. Depression is not a choice, myth or weakness. It’s a medical condition and needs to be treated like one. Here are 7 healthier lifestyle tips guaranteed to help you or someone you love get over depression faster!

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The 5 Secrets To Gaining More Peace Of Mind

Happiness comes from having peace of mind. Money, beauty and relationships alone won’t make you happy. With so much out in the world to make anyone depressed and unhappy, try these 5 secrets to gaining more peace of mind to guard your mind and heart with peace.


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