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From Charcoal To Diamond! How To Get Off Negative Anger Zone Faster!

Today, writing this post will be the first constructive action I’ve taken because of anger! We can’t help being angry at times, get wrapped in negative emotions that zap energy and stress us. But how does that affect your well-being ? The sooner you get off that anger zone, think you are being refined from charcoal to diamond – a better person, the better!


Having spent the best part of today being almost paralyzed by anger, I had to make a conscious effort to snap out of that “negative zone of anger”.

Was my anger justified? Hell, yes!

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7 Healthier Lifestyle Tips to Get Over Depression Faster!

Depression is invisible, real and often has devastating financial, emotional and physical consequences. Some believe it’s a myth. Depression is not a choice, myth or weakness. It’s a medical condition and needs to be treated like one. Here are 7 healthier lifestyle tips guaranteed to help you or someone you love get over depression faster!

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How To Face Challenges & Stress To Find Healing Inner Peace

When faced with challenging times in life, where and how do you find healing and inner peace? They say when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. What if you could get through stress and  challenges faster and better? Here’s how you could face stress and challenges to find healing inner peace.


As everyone of us has at one time or the other discovered, these challenging phases in life sometimes come double or triple! These are the times we feel things are so bad that they possibly cannot get worse.

And they do! For a while at least!

For me, sometimes, just before I go crazy the way gets easier!


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Feel Like Giving Up On Life? Not An Option! You Are Tough!

Feel like giving up on life? Not an option! How will you say – “I did all I could”?! When the going gets tough, the tough must get going! Yes, stormy times happen. When nothing in life seems to be going right. That is, life is not going your way! Keep going!


At the end of the day, when all is said and done, whatever happens, you can say – “I did my best“. I gave that challenge all I had in me to give”! So, giving up is not an option.  Continue reading “Feel Like Giving Up On Life? Not An Option! You Are Tough!”

Why Moaners, Pessimists and Procrastinators are Bad For You!

This is why moaners, procrastinators and perpetual pessimists are bad for you. Over time, they harm  your health and well-being with too much stress.Would it be better to avoid them, altogether?


The more time you spend with them, the more your stress levels become higher! These people can be classed as super stressors!

 The Perpetual Moaners




“Smile at the world and they smile back”, they say.


Well, guess what – the opposite happens when you’re around somebody who complains and moans all of the time.


I don’t mean people who are going through rough times and genuinely need to talk about their issues. I mean the people who complain about everyone and everything. They have no good thing to say about anyone or anything.


I’m talking about the people who complain about everyone and everything. They have no good thing to say about anyone or anything.


I mean the people who complain about everyone and everything.

They have no good thing to say about anyone or anything.


If they feel bad you need to hear it! They want to spread their unhappiness so that they’re not alone in their misery.


I know we all need someone to listen to us when we feel like unburdening ourselves sometimes. But not all of us are trained psychologists and psychiatrists to be able to deal with the endless “unburdening”.


But not all of us are trained psychologists and psychiatrists to be able to deal with the endless “unburdening”!


I had the misfortune to live with someone like this sometime ago.

After a while, I felt I needed anti-depressants while this person was okay just so long as I continued to be the sounding-board.

“The Perpetual Pessimist”



Do you think the world is a bad place? The perpetual pessimist thinks nobody and nothing can be good. I think the world is a beautiful place. It’s just some people who make it seem like a bad place.


It’s just some people who make it seem like a bad place.No matter the perspective from which we look at the world and nature, it`s a pretty amazing place.


No matter the perspective from which we look at the world and nature, it`s a pretty amazing place.

Take the human body for example. Think about how we are formed, the awesome way our organs all work together.

Ponder on the beauty and intricateness of the human body and mind.


Another reason the world is good – the beautiful and free gifts of nature.

If the rising and setting of the sun cost money to see, I wonder how many of us could afford this?


Can you imagine paying for oxygen? How long could you afford to sustain living? I generally try to avoid these people, as much as is humanly possible.

” The Procrastinating People”

no choice


They are the ones who complain endlessly about how bad their situations are. Yet they make no effort to change things.

Even when you are feeling happy, all you need to do is to spend a short time with them. You are guaranteed to become as morose and unhappy as they are.

The people we associate with do tend to affect our peace of mind  and happiness.


city_of_love_554009-two women friends


I know you there are times and situations you can’t choose the people you spend time with. Take as an example work colleagues. But, to an extent, you do get to determine the type of persons that you spend time with!


Sure, it’s good to make the effort to get along with everyone. But sometimes it’s just futile – some people just bring out the worst in you.


Eventually, your health and well-being may begin to suffer  due to the high stress they are causing you. Mine certainly did when I lived with “a constant moaner” – I developed depression!


Surround Yourself With People Who Motivate You!


Minolta DSC


Therefore, to maintain  peace of mind and sanity, how about choosing to spend the least time possible with these types of people?


Instead, try to spend more time with the people who make you happy. Surround yourself with people who give you motivation. Have more contact with people who bring out the best in you.

Have more contact with people who bring out the best in you.


How do you cope with people, work colleagues or relatives, who you feel are causing you stress?

You’ve met them – The constant moaners, those who believe the world is hopelessly bad and the  procrastinators who won’t take any step to change the things making them sick and unhappy.


I’m interested in your opinion of this article. Do you think I’m right or not?  Do get in touch!  🙂

Have a great week!


Cecilia Scheyerle, MPharm

Dementia – Why Are The Victims Getting Younger?

Analysis of research findings from twenty-one countries suggests that Dementia victims are getting younger and now regularly being diagnosed in people in their late forties. The healthy life as hitherto associated with this age group is changing.


Early-onset dementia, previously referred to people who developed dementia in their late sixties. It now includes people in their forties.


Scientists suggest that environmental factors, including pollution from aircrafts and cars and the pervasive use of pesticides are to blame.




This research, conducted by Bournemouth University and published in the journal Surgical Neurology International compared findings from 21 countries, including the UK from 1989 to 2010.


What This Research Found

1. Significant increase in deaths from neurological disease in adults aged 55-74.

2. Result above “virtually doubled” in people over 75.

3. In the UK, deaths due neurological diseases rose from 4,785 per million to 6,862 per million in men while in women this rose from 4,662 per million to 9,144 per million.

4. About 60% of the increase was due to dementias, while 40% was due to other neurological diseases like Parkinson’s and motor neurone disease.


According to Colin Pritchard of Bournemouth University who led the study, the increase in death rate cannot simply be ascribed to an ageing population or improvement in dementia diagnosis.


“The rate of increase in such a short time suggests a silent or even a ‘hidden’ epidemic, in which environmental factors must play a major part, not just ageing”.




He said no single factor was responsible, but that regulators should investigate the interactions between different chemicals and types of pollution.


However, Dr Simon Ridley, head of research at Alzheimer’s Research had this to say: “We know that Alzheimer’s and other dementias can have a complex interplay of risk factors…we can’t conclude that modern life is causing these conditions at a younger age”.




Is there anything you can do to decrease your risk of developing dementia?

The UK NHS recommends these Healthy Lifestyle Methods


1. Adopting and maintaining a healthy diet

2.Keeping yourself at a healthy weight

3.Adopting and maintaining a regular Exercise regime

4.Stopping smoking is a healthy choice

5.Keeping your alcohol consumption at a moderate level

6. Keeping your blood pressure at a healthy level




Thanks for reading my post.Please feel free to like, comment and share.

Have a stress-free week!


To your optimum health & well-being!

Cecilia Scheyerle, MPharm


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Depression – Why Your Milk Of Human Kindness Is Needed. Not Stigma!

This day and age depression is still associated with much stigma. But no one gets it by choice, design or because of personal weakness.

You don’t get depression by choice!

No one who has been affected by this debilitating mental health condition chose to get it!
no choice

This is quite a sad thing, really. Considering that it’s a medical condition, like any other. No one would think less of someone just because they had a fall – except, of course, that happened as a result of drunkenness!

Again, no one looks down on a person with migraine, a broken leg or Type 1 diabetes.

So, why is it that when someone has depression so much negativity is associated with it?

So much negativity that it’s a triumph for them to admit, even to themselves, that they have depression.


mental health -faces


Let’s show more understanding instead of stigmatising people who suffer from this condition.  Show more tolerance and understanding. This way they can admit it to themselves that they have a medical condition. And get help when they do.

And get the help they need, for themselves and their families.

Especially children who won’t understand why mum or dad is unhappy .

Everyone would like to be happy! Or not??

But for someone going through depression, it’s not a case of “happiness is a choice! Be happy”!



Partly due to the stigma and misunderstanding attached to depression, sufferers often deny they have a problem.

In fact, when someone can admit to the fact that they have got depression, they have won half of the fight!!

Here are some Depression Aids I find helpful. The more we understand this condition, the more we are able to help ourselves and others suffering from it:

As a health professional and a mother, I believe that a healthy lifestyle is a cure all! Or almost! So, I really like Stephen Ilardi’s program on beating depression.

This program focuses on lifestyle and practical ways to help you reclaim six ancient lifestyle elements that can improve or eradicate depression:

The 6 Steps Program To Beat Depression

Underneath The Lemon Tree – A Memoir On Depression

 I would love to hear about your opinions regarding depression. Have you, or anyone you know, got some experience you would like to share?

Please  get in touch. The more we talk about depression the better it will get for the eight to ten percent of  the population who suffer from this debilitating condition in any given year.


To Your Optimum Health & Well-being!

Cecilia Scheyerle, MPharm


7 Lies We Tell Ourselves To Make Depression More Powerful

Depression is invisible. But real and can have devastating consequences. Check these popular myths about it. Read why it’s not by personal choice, design or weakness.

Some  of us may have  had these thoughts, or even spoken them aloud, at some point in time: depression is a myth!

Do you think like this – Other people get depression, not people like us?

Or this – depression is just a condition lazy people invent to excuse their laziness.


Here are some other popular myths about depression – real men don’t get depression; I am a busy woman and I have no time to be depressed; depression is a condition

– Real men don’t get depression

– I’m a busy woman and I have no time to be depressed

– Depression is a condition hypochondriacs develop when they run out of medical conditions to complain about

– I’m too strong to be depressed

– I wouldn’t be depressed if everyone else would just leave me alone

However, depression doesn’t happen by choice or design! Nobody chooses to get depression.

But how they choose to deal with it may be a matter of choice.


no choice

Depression  has no respect  for a person’s  status. Anyone can develop it – rich, poor, old, young, executive, teenager, man or woman.

It can happen to anyone, at any time, slowly or over time. It can hit you hard when you least expect it.


Real, strong men can not get depression. Yes, they can, and they do!


In fact, if you think like this, you are more liable to suffer more from depression – you remain in denial longer. You cause more emotional harm to  yourself and your loved ones, and you would be more liable to lose your job!



Now to the people who often think they have to be strong towers – women. They may think they  have no time to be ill.

They are too busy – they have to run the family, take care of all the people they love, run businesses and ensure their careers are upwardly mobile, always!!




Who else is going to do all these things we alone as women can do??

Yes, women have to make time to take care of ourselves, too.

Otherwise, there may no one and nothing left for us to care for!

The fact that we  cannot see the physical signs and symptoms of depression does not make it less real.

Depression does not develop because you are weak. It’s not a matter  of lack of strength on your part.

If you fall down and break a leg, do you regard this as a lack of strength on your part? Or does someone get cancer because they are weak?

You don’t get depression because you are too weak to overcome the obstacles of life and flourish!


You do not get depression because you are a weak person. It’s not a matter of emotional strength or weakness!!

Another myth is believing that the depression we are experiencing would cease to be if everyone would just leave us in total peace.




Absolute peace and quiet. From our children, our partners, colleagues, neighbours and bosses.Since that is never going to happen, we will have to confront depression from another angle- treat it as a condition it is and not just the fault of everyone in our lives.

This is never going to happen. No one is an Island!we will have to confront depression from another angle- treat it as a condition it is and not just the fault of everyone in our lives.

We have to confront depression from another angle- treat it as the condition it is. Not just the fault of everyone else in our lives!

Take it that you need some intervention.  You need some help, just like everyone else, at some point in life. Period!

You know, it’s possible to have outer quiet and still suffer from  inner turmoil. Especially when you realise you need help. But remain in denial.


hands-1437736-lend a hand

Let’s give a helping hand and treat depression as the medical condition it is. Not something weak people develop; not a condition that happens by choice or weakness; not something hypochondriacs get when they run out of conditions to suffer from; not for a certain age or class of persons. It can happen to anyone!