Sugar Cause Diarrhea! Just an Old Wives’ Tale?

As a child, I believed that sugar cause diarrhea!  My great grand mother convinced me that sugar was bad for health and would cause immediate  diarrhea if I ate over one spoonful of sugar. My teeth would rot and I would get addicted!  Read why this is not just an old wives’ tale!

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How to Slash Your Sugar Consumption!

Having decided to slowly wean my family off sugar , I’m feeling overwhelmed at the array of drinks available in supermarkets. What’s best to drink now? I’m shopping for something wholesome to drink. Green tea, water, squash, juice, juice drink  soft drinks… How do you encourage your family to hydrate more, without compromising health with dodgy smoothies and drinks sold as health foods?  Take these simple steps to slash your sugar consumption!

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