How I’m Detoxing My Family Off Sugar. Living Without Fruit Juice & Drinks

Seven months ago, I decided to detox and slowly wean my family off sugar. Starting with an easy target of living without fruit juice and drinks. Here’s how I’m detoxing my family off sugar and why!


Now we rarely drink it and I ask myself why it was such a staple, worth spending money on, never mind the excess sugar load and questionable additives and flavourings we steadily got from them.


Here’s how I embarked on our sugar detox journey and encouraged my family to drink almost nil fruit drinks and juices!

• Buy less fruit juice! Simple isn’t it?

Well, that would be one obvious solution. But we all know changing habits is not that easy. Especially when it’s something you do every day. In our case fruit juice was an everyday thing, a food staple.

A sugar detox was needed!


Every week we had weekly fights over the juice bought. I thought they had too much sugar, the children thought they could be sweeter and used them as water substitute.


I steadily decreased the fruit juices I bought weekly, without them noticing.

• I made more water available, home & out (in attractive, personal water bottles to take out)

If you are going to reduce an unhealthy food or drink then introduce a healthier option. As I found, it was easier to reduce sugar in our diet simply by getting them more interested in water.

As I found, it was easier to reduce sugar in our diet simply by getting them more interested in water.

• I introduced simple herbal teas. Since there is such a huge choice, it’s kind of easy to please everyone. From peppermint, fruit teas to chamomile, there’s a big selection.


Since they contain none of these: caffeine, preservatives, sugars or sweeteners, everyone can drink gallons of herbal teas as far as I am concerned!



An added bonus – they are much cheaper than fruit drinks and juices.
By trying different types, my family members each found their favorites!


• Another way I reduced our sugar intake was by mixing our fruit squashes myself! A new rule -drink what I mix or drink water and herbal teas.

These I diluted heavily with water in big fridge glass containers. I did this for months – now they don’t like fruit squashes that much!


Since foods laden with sugar is pervasive, reducing the amount we eat may not be achieved overnight


Why I haven’t managed to reduce the amount of sugar my family eat daily to the level I am satisfied with, it’s gone way down.


Reducing sugar in a nutshell

To reduce sugar intake I simply bought less of fruit drinks and juices, gradually reducing them over months; encouraged them to drink more water; mixed fruit squashes myself and introduced a variety of herbal teas so every could find what they like.


Sure, there are countless foods and drinks loaded with sugar and we have formed the habit of eating too much of it. But in our case, we are finding it easier to reduce our addiction to sugar by reducing and eliminating foods and drinks laden with sugar, one after the other.

Since sugar loaded foods and drinks are virtually everywhere, it’s an uphill task. There’s always ready-made pasta sauces, cereals and breakfast bars to tackle!


As an African saying goes – it takes a village to raise a child. Share your experiences on how you are getting your family a healthier lifestyle and please share this post if you liked reading it!

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