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How to Make Your Teeth Healthier and Brighter at Home


Think about this – a possibility to make your teeth healthier and brighter at home without damage them. Using the right toothpaste and whitener, you can cleanse, prevent, heal gum diseases and whiten at a go!  Healthy Mouth Blend and Shine have a proven track record of preventing, and even stopping tooth decay, as well as whitening teeth. Want to know how you can make your teeth healthier and brighter at home? Read on!


Something about me – I’m very passionate about oral health, especially preventing caries!

Also, I believe practising a healthy lifestyle goes a long way in preventing both dental and general health diseases.


Caries Dentist Toothache Teeth



Take more proactive steps to reduce dental visits, especially the painful ones!


Have you ever wished you could get rid of tea and coffee stains from your teeth permanently? Or that toothache and tooth filings would be a thing of the past?


Maybe you’ve never had toothache and in that case congratulations! But read on anyway, this oral topic could help someone you love!

As for anyone who has ever had toothache, it’s hard to feel good when your teeth or gum is not healthy, swollen and bleeding.

Also, it’s really, really hard to focus on any thing when you have that nagging toothache!



Healthy Living Toothache Caries


However, I think it’s better to focus on getting our oral health priority in this order:

– Healthier gums

– Healthier teeth

– Brighter, shinier smiles!


Here is where using the RIGHT dental products and the RIGHT  brushing and flossing technique come in.


Does your toothpaste clean & treat at the same time?

Not just any toothpaste but one that can also treat your gum, making it healthier at the same time.


Does your tooth whitener mineralise & whiten?

Not just any tooth whitener but one that remineralise first and then polish your teeth. More importantly, the whitener should not damage your teeth!


Don’t just brush your teeth, ensure you are doing it right! This is one way, one can say the best way, to gain and maintain, healthier and brighter teeth.


 Products that clean, remineralise and whiten teeth

 Shine Tooth Whitener

Shine helps to remineralise our teeth. Once we restore lost minerals, and strengthen our teeth, we can address the secondary focus of Shine: to gently encourage a brighter, whiter smile


3 Reasons Shine works so well

~ the minerals are exactly the same as the minerals your teeth are made of

~ the minerals are in a very bio-available form

~ the particle size is tiny in order to be get into the tiny tubule structure of your teeth


Primary focus of oral hygiene

Although, most of us want whiter teeth, it’s actually better for us to focus first on how to get healthier gum, teeth and fresher breathe.


Then work on reversing tooth decay with a product like Shine, which makes available tiny particles of the exact mineral structure our teeth are made of.

This way we rebuild and restore the minerals that have been lost from our teeth.


Healthy Mouth Blend

Stop, and even reverse gum diseases by restoring balance in the mouth with Healthy Mouth Blend. 


Functions of Healthy Mouth Blend

– Heal bad breath by addressing the root cause

– Stop tooth decay by making it more difficult for microbes to attach to the teeth

– Support stressed tissue to heal itself

-Help to remineralise tooth decay by increasing saliva production



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Toothache – a special kind of pain?


A few years ago, whilst working as a dental therapist, I saw children, women and grown men screaming in pain on a regular basis.

I learned that toothache is a special kind of pain!


Not that I have anything against men showing feelings, like crying. It’s only the way that these men bawled with abandonment. 

They just reminded me of how only babies can cry! 


Toothache second to childbirth pains?

Some women say toothache is second to childbirth. This is something I’ve heard various women say. But having never really had such toothache, It’s difficult for me to say.


However, an experience I had once with a growing wisdom tooth comes close!

This was awful, especially as the tooth could not erupt properly as the space was narrow.

The alternative – dig out the erupting tooth surgically. Or endure the pain for a few days!


I chose to endure the pain. Luckily, the pain subsided, and the tooth came out somehow.

But this experience gave me a personal experience with toothache like I had never had before, or since then. 


So, I can see why toothache could come close to childbirth pains.

What’s your opinion – True or false. Does toothache come second to childbirth? 


Sissi  Scheyerle  MPharm



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